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Quick and Simple Makeup Tips

The feminine universe is crazy about makeup! Feel prettier is a wish of most women.

However, often when we’re getting ready, we encounter problems that can spoil, hinder basic all of our make, besides to be late for the appointment.

Separated here some tips that will make your life easier! And rather than take hours to do your make-up, you will take only a few minutes.

Is there anything worse than spending the mask of Cilia and shitting? Especially when you already went all out in the dust!

The super tip is to use a spoon as average support to upper and lower lashes, while you pass the mascara. In addition to bend the eyelashes, the spoon avoids any dirt that the mask may cause. See: 10 makeup tips to make your life easier

It is important that you know the position of the mascara applicator. Remember: to get separate eyelashes and long, the applicator must be passed vertically.

But if you want to bulky, and curved eyelashes together, spend the mascara horizontally is trumps!

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Microsoft BUILD: Make Your Windows Phone to a Mini-PC

Connect your Windows phone to a PC monitor and run applications such as mail, Web and Office.

By BUILD2015 Joe Belfiore took the stage and told about new measures like Continuum for Phones, which makes it possible to connected to its Windows phone to a standard PC monitor, and by further connecting the Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, control your phone as a PC.

The connection was not quite official at this time, but Joe Belfiore demonstrated how from the phone screen, adapted to the larger PC screen, and how he smoothly could use programs such as PowerPoint and Excel, and easily multitask between applications. Continue reading Microsoft BUILD: Make Your Windows Phone to a Mini-PC

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Top 10 Mobiles in April

These phones are the most searched on our site in the month of april

Our site search service our site provides an overview of the best prices on mobile phones right now. The thousands of searches at the same time, gives an insight into what phones are the most sought after, in the previous month.
The list is based on the number of searches on our site, and therefore can perform devices on the list that are not available on the market yet, but where the presale has started.

Even though Samsung’s two new stars first got the sales start on 11 September. April, suggest everything on to the South Korean information technology giant has created a genuine hit. Continue reading Top 10 Mobiles in April

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Vintage Bracelet Buying Guide

The vintage bracelets are a must have that every woman must have in jewelry. Easy to match, only to show off, not valuable for materials but for the memories they evoke: with these jewels the wrist is really impossible to fail. Discover on our site a huge selection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pearls retro charm.

Vintage bracelets: style memories in a blast from the past

Before considering the bracelets vintage as sophisticated accessories to embellish the outfit on Saturday night, these objects make you take a dip in the years, the discovery of a not too distant past, which takes you directly to childhood memories. Necklaces in burnished gold, geometric pendants and rigid plastic accessories are sweet memories of when you were mischievous kids, and you curious aggiravate between the rooms of the house of hunting grandfathers of precious details that you can show off in games afternoons. Hide in the bedroom and opened the drawer of the joys and jewelry was probably your favorite activity at that time. If at first your grandmother was willing to give you a good scolding, inevitable it was the opening of a tender smile when you watched show off awkwardly vintage bracelets and necklaces from the retro embellished with pearls.

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Microsoft BUILD: Android and iOS Apps for Windows Store

Microsoft will make it possible to run Android apps and iOS apps in Windows 10.

Microsoft is holding these days their BUILD2015 Developer Conference in San Francisco, where developers from all over the world will have an eye on the latest action from the IT giant.

One of the really big news, really can make Microsoft a great player on the mobile scene, is the ability to run Android and iOS app in Windows 10.

Microsoft’s Terry Myerson explained that the company will make it easy for developers to add Android apps in the Windows Store. This should be done by including a subsystem that runs Android. Continue reading Microsoft BUILD: Android and iOS Apps for Windows Store

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Last Chance to Save 400 Dollars on These 12 Mobile Games

The last Humble Mobile Bundle with 12 game titles to a value of almost 500 dollars will close in three days.

This time is the Humble Mobile Bundle composed of games from a single developer, namely Australian Tin Man Games. Put in the oven for a genuine savings if you fall over some titles you think are interesting, it can therefore be a good idea just to see more of them and what people say on Google Play.

Most of the 12 games cost about 40 dollars individually, but all the games can be bought, the next three days by paying a certain amount above 60 dollars. Should any games be purchased from Google Play, it would amount to approximately 460 dollars, so there is a part to save. Continue reading Last Chance to Save 400 Dollars on These 12 Mobile Games

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Samsung Tablet Display

Samsung confirms his great qualities as a producer of unleashing an extraordinary display screen Super Amoled QHD from 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution (for a total of 515 ppi pixel density). The numbers alone cannot render on the visual experience (brightness, contrast, viewing angle) that Samsung offers its customers imposing himself once again as the best producer of screens for smartphones!

Technically, Samsung chose again a PenTile matrix shaped Diamond, which is a particular pattern that does not include the triad RGB pixel shared but willing in particular, each of which has a diamond shape. The particular arrangement, allows to better manage different levels of efficiency and longevity: blue and red, which are the two colors less efficient are larger, the Green subpixels.

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HTC: One M8 Gets Android 5.1 Lollipop for August

HTC confirms that last year’s top model, One M8, will be updated to the latest Android version for august. 5.1 Lollipop

Owners of last year’s HTC-top model, One M8, will appreciate to get the absolute latest Android version 5.1 Lollipop, in august.

It tells the HTC’s British section even on Twitter today, after a curious user asked when to expect something new.

Therefore, you must wait three months to go before you can get the latest from Google to feel in the now one-year-old smartphone. The model that exists in the United Kingdom, are in fact identical with the on the Danish market, so there should not be any particularly large delay at home.

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Twitter: More Than 300 Million Users, But Lose Money

A customer base of over 300 million is not in itself a success, Twitter loses 162 million dollars at the year’s first three months.

Twitter is now regarded as one of the older and more established players within social media, trying still to make it profitable. The company filled the 9 year back in March of this year, and even though they still continue to pull new users in and increase earnings, there is still a loss at the bottom line.

The company now has 302 million users, an increase of 18 percent compared to the same time last year, turnover increased by 74 percent, all but one reached only 436 million dollars out of the predicted 440 million. At the end of the day can Twitter enter a loss at the bottom line on 162 million dollars for the first three months of the year 2015. Continue reading Twitter: More Than 300 Million Users, But Lose Money

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