10 Countries with the Most Neighboring Countries

China – 16 neighboring countries

In the Netherlands, we share our borders with Germany and Belgium (and France if we include the border on the island of Sint Maarten). That is a piece of cake compared to other countries, because in some places you have no fewer than ten different neighbours. Here you can find out which countries share their borders with the most neighbors, in the top 10 countries with the most neighbors.

  1. Turkey – 8 neighboring countries

Turkey has a special location, because this country lies on the border between Europe and Asia. There are numerous countries surrounding Turkey, each of which shares a small border area with the country. For example, Armenia and Georgia are two neighboring countries, but also Azerbaijan and Iran. The country also shares borders with Iraq, Syria, Greece and Bulgaria. Thus, residents of Turkey can explore countless countries when they cross the border.

  1. Tanzania – 8 neighboring countries

Tanzania is located in eastern Africa, where the country is largely on the Indian Ocean. At the same time, the north, south and west sides of the country are surrounded by eight different countries. To the north are Kenya and Uganda, while Mozambique and Malawi are to the south. On the west side you will find most of the neighboring countries, namely Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia and Congo-Kinshasa. Tanzania receives many refugees from neighboring countries and the country has close cooperation with Uganda and Kenya. So it is definitely a good neighbor.

  1. Serbia – 8 neighboring countries

In southeastern Europe you will find Serbia, a country that is also surrounded by eight neighboring countries. Serbia is not by the sea, so you always end up in another country when you cross the border. Bulgaria and Romania are two neighboring countries, as are Macedonia and Montenegro. Hungary, Croatia, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina also belong to this list. Serbia is known as a country that has good relations with its neighbors, although the country is involved in the struggle for the border and independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  1. Austria – 8 neighboring countries

In the heart of Europe you will find the popular holiday destination Austria. This country attracts tourists from all over Europe, and that is not surprising. Thanks to its central location, Austria is very easy to reach. Residents of the Czech Republic are lucky, because they only have to cross one border before they are in Austria. The same applies to residents of neighboring countries Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. Even the dwarf state of Liechtenstein borders Austria.

  1. Metropolitan France – 8 neighboring countries

France is a large country, which also has a large area outside Europe. When we talk about the country within Europe, we are talking about Metropolitan France. Despite being only part of the French Empire, the country still borders eight different neighboring countries. In the northeast are Belgium and Luxembourg, while the east side of France borders Germany, Switzerland and Italy. In the south, the country shares borders with Spain and Andorra. The north side of France also borders a neighboring country, because here you will find the border with England.

  1. Germany – 9 neighboring countries

Germany – 9 neighboring countries

Although France and Austria have a central place in Europe, Germany also has many neighboring countries. In fact, this country has one more. Naturally, the Netherlands is west of Germany, just like Luxembourg and Belgium. The north of the country is bordered by Denmark. Poland is also located in the east, where you will also find the Czech Republic. In the south you will find the borders that Germany shares with Austria and Switzerland. France is also one of the neighboring countries, with the border in the southwest of Germany.

  1. Congo-Kinshasa – 9 countries

Congo-Kinshasa – 9 countries

Congo-Kinshasa (also known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo) is one of the largest countries in Africa . It is therefore not surprising that this country has several neighbors. The country has a very narrow coastline and is therefore mostly surrounded by other countries. North of the country are the Central African Republic and Sudan. You will also find a country with almost the same name here, namely the Republic of Congo. On the east side of the country you can find the borders with Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. Congo-Kinshasa also borders countries such as Zambia and Angola.

  1. Brazil – 10 neighboring countries

Brazil – 10 neighboring countries

Almost half of South America is occupied by Brazil. That immediately explains why this country has so many different neighboring countries. From the northern to the southernmost tip, Brazil has no less than ten neighbors. For example, the country shares borders with Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay, French Guiana, Paraguay, Guyana, Peru, and Suriname. Of all these neighbours, Brazil has the strongest connection with Argentina, although there has been conflict between the two countries in the past. The cooperation with Paraguay is also going well.

  1. Russia – 14 neighboring countries

Russia – 14 neighboring countries

In total, Russia has a border area of ​​no less than 20,241 kilometers. These countless kilometers are shared with fourteen different countries, part of which is in Asia and part in Europe. Unfortunately, the country has had numerous conflicts with its neighbors over the years, so relations are not always good. For example, Russia borders North Korea, Mongolia, China, Georgia and Kazakhstan. Furthermore, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Estonia, Belarus, Latvia and Lithuania also share their borders with Russia. Poland, Norway and Finland also belong on this list of neighbours.

  1. China – 16 neighboring countries

China – 16 neighboring countries

The country with the most neighbors in the world is China. That is also not surprising, because the country is huge, so it shares its borders with no less than sixteen neighboring countries. Much of the eastern side of China borders the East China Sea. North Korea and Russia can also be found in the east. Mongolia is located on the north side of China, while the south borders countries such as India, Bhutan, Nepal, Vietnam, Laos, Pakistan and Myanmar. When you are in western China, the borders with Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are close by. In the north, China also shares a border with Mongolia.