Comoros Population and Language

The Comoros are one of Africa’s most densely populated countries. The residents are of mixed origin, with predominantly African, Arabic, Malay-Polynesian and Malagasy roots.

Comoros Population Forecast

The residents of the cities often have stronger Arab characteristics, while the rural residents are generally more African (Bantu people). More than half the population lives on the island of Grand Comore, but the problems of overpopulation are greatest on the smaller island of Anjouan. Many live there for cultivation for their own use, which increases the difficulties when the soil is not sufficient.

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At least 100,000 Comoros live abroad, nearly half of them in southern France. Many communities also live in Madagascar and in eastern Africa.

The commonly spoken language of Comorian is a variant of Swahili spoken in much of eastern Africa. Comorian has a stronger element of Arabic than Swahili has. Each island has its own dialect of Comorian. French and Arabic are also official languages. Arabic is used mainly in religious contexts, while French is used in administration, commerce and education.

A minority speaks the bantu language of Makua, which is common in Mozambique.



almost everyone is of mixed origin, mainly Arabic and African (Bantu people)

Number of residents

813 912 (2017)

Number of residents per square kilometer

437 (2017)

Percentage of residents in the cities

28.8 percent (2017)

Nativity / birth

32.9 per 1000 residents (2016)

Mortality / mortality

7.4 per 1000 residents (2016)


2.3 percent (2017)

fertility rate

4.3 number of births per woman (2016)

Percentage of women

49.6 percent (2017)

Life expectancy

64 years (2016)

Life expectancy for women

65 years (2016)

Life expectancy for men

62 years (2016)


Comorian, Arabic and French are official languages



The IMF launches financial rescue package

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is launching a rescue package for the Comorian’s crisis economy.


Food and gasoline shortages trigger protests

Strikes and protest actions erupt around the country since there has been a shortage of both food and gasoline. The reason for the popular dissatisfaction is that the Comoros’ economy is deteriorating as a result of skyrocketing costs for the oversized state administration.


President is forced to flee

Comorian soldiers invade Anjouan with the support of troops from the AU. President Bacar is forced to flee to the French neighbor Mayotte.

Comoros Population and Language

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