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Chad flag

Chad Overview

Chad is located in Central Africa and borders Libya, Sudan, the Central African Republic, Cameroon, Nigeria and Niger. The northern part of Chad is located in the Sahara Desert. Capital: N’Djamena Biggest city: N’Djamena...

Market in the capital N'Djamena


Chad is a mainland state in Central Africa. The country borders Libya in the north, Sudan in the east, the Central African Republic and Cameroon in the south and Niger and Nigeria in the...


Mass Media in Chad

The media landscape in Chad is characterized by the fact that large sections of the rural population cannot read, that access to mobile data traffic and the internet is limited to the cities, and...

Chad Population and Language

Chad Population and Language

There is an ethnic, religious and cultural dividing line between northern and southern Chad. In the north, Arabs and Islam dominate religion. In the south belong the majority of African peoples who profess Christianity...

Chari, after merging with Logone, by N'Djamena

Chad Geography

Chad encompasses large parts of the Chad Basin, which is filled with clay and sand deposits from Tertiary and Quaternary, and is surrounded by flat bedrock thresholds with higher plateaus. The image showing the...