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Mali History

Mali History

Settled since prehistoric times, the great empires of Gana and Songhai as well as the empire of Mali, founded by the Malinke in the 13th century, developed on the territory of today’s Mali. Sundjata...

Mali flag

Mali Overview

Mali is a coastal state in West Africa. Mali, the seventh largest country in Africa, borders Algeria, Niger, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Senegal and Mauritania. Capital: Bamako Biggest city: Bamako State: republic Language:...

Ivory Coast

Mass Media in Western Africa

Mass Media on Ivory Coast Ivory Coast has 22 daily newspapers. The ruling party PDCI’s main body Fraternit√©-Matin (circulation 2005: 26,000) is one of five national newspapers. A number of newspapers were started after...

Mali Population and Language

Mali Population and Language

Mali is sparsely populated, especially the desert in the north. High birth rates mean that the population increase is rapid, even though mortality, not least child mortality, is high and emigration is high. Nearly...