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Memo to a Tourist in Morocco

Memo to a Tourist in Morocco

Customs regulations in Morocco: The import and export of foreign currency is not limited, but its circulation in the territory of the Kingdom is prohibited. When exporting unspent currency, you must have a bank...

Morocco Environment

Morocco Environment and Economy

(Al-Mamlakah al-Maghribīyah). State of Northwest Africa (442,311 km², excluding the area of ​​Western Sahara). Capital: Rabat. Administrative division: regions (14). Population: 34,677,478 (2018 estimate). Language: Arabic (official), Berberdialects, French. Religion: Muslims (Sunni 99%, others...



Koutoubia Mosque is a well-known landmark among tourists.  Flying to your destination Until January 2019, Norwegian will fly to Marrakech twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. After January 2019, Norwegian will fly a...

Morocco flag

Morocco Overview

Morocco in northwest Africa offers a blissful mix of experiences. Crowded markets, vast beaches, dramatic mountain landscapes and an oriental culture – characterized by both West African, Arab and French traditions. Capital: Discount Biggest...


Mass Media in Northern Africa

Mass media in Algeria Algeria has around 20 daily newspapers and 6 weekly newspapers as well as a number of weekly magazines and magazines. The most important newspaper is the FLN body Al-Moudjahid (‘the...

Morocco Population and Language

Morocco Population and Language

Most Moroccans are of mixed Arabic and Berber origin. Arabic is the most common language, but just over a third of the population speaks some Berber dialect. Since the colonial era, the French have...