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Uganda Overview

Uganda is located in East Africa and borders Congo-Kinshasa, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Sudan. The country is one of the more well-functioning countries in the region. The country originated from the former British East...

Knowledge and Culture in Uganda

Knowledge and Culture in Uganda

Oral storytelling traditions are strong in Uganda. Among other things, this has manifested itself in a varied theater scene. Theater is used in many contexts, and in Kampala there is a national theater scene....


Mass Media in Eastern Africa

Mass Media in Ethiopia The dominant newspapers in Ethiopia are state controlled, with Addis Zemen (Amharic, founded in 1941, circulation approximately 40,000) and Ethiopian Herald (English, founded in 1943, circulation 37,000) published by the...

Uganda's national parks

Geography of Uganda

Uganda’s geography, 4/5 of the land area consists of the central African plateau, and is 900-1500 m., With higher mountains in the edges and Africa’s largest lake, Lake Victoria (68 800 km2) in the...

Uganda Population and Language

Uganda Population and Language

Ugandans mostly live in the countryside. Population density is high but varies between different parts of the country depending on how fertile the soil is. The majority of the residents live along the northern...

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Uganda is a republic in Africa. The country is located at the equator in the middle of the African continent, on the northern shore of Lake Victoria. Uganda borders Sudan in the north, the...