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Gondar (Ethiopia)

Gondar (Ethiopia)

Gondar is located in the northeastern part of Ethiopia, 30 km from the northern coast of Lake Tana. The city was founded in 1632 by Emperor Fasilidas, who moved the capital of the Ethiopian...

Ethiopia Territory

Ethiopia Territory and History

HYDROGRAPHY The hydrographic network, which deeply sculpted the relief, was conditioned in its development by the structural situation; thus the edge of the Ethiopian escarpment generally marks the watershed between the basins of the...

Ethiopia flag

Ethiopia Overview

Ethiopia is one of the oldest countries in the world, with a long and colorful history. As the only country in Africa, it managed to preserve its independence during the colonial era in the...


Mass Media in Eastern Africa

Mass Media in Ethiopia The dominant newspapers in Ethiopia are state controlled, with Addis Zemen (Amharic, founded in 1941, circulation approximately 40,000) and Ethiopian Herald (English, founded in 1943, circulation 37,000) published by the...

Ethiopia Population and Language

Ethiopia Population and Language

Next to Nigeria, Ethiopia is Africa’s most populous country. Population growth is high; In 2016, the population exceeded the 100 million mark. Of a large number of ethnic groups, the oromos are estimated to...