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Swaziland Overview

Swaziland is located in southern Africa and borders Mozambique and South Africa. The Swazis in southern Africa were guaranteed autonomy by Britain at the end of the 19th century and had the status of...

South Africa

Mass Media in Southern Africa

Mass media in South Africa Press South Africa has a long and diverse press tradition, and is the leading country in Africa in terms of media activities. The large broadcasting activity and the many...

The population of Swaziland


Swaziland, from 2018 officially eSwatini, is a monarchy in southeastern Africa. Swaziland is the region’s smallest state and borders South Africa in the north, west and south, and Mozambique in the east. The capital...

Swaziland Population and Language

Swaziland Population and Language

Swaziland’s first residents belonged to the collectors and hunters of the san (formerly called bushmen) and khoikhoi. These were gradually suppressed by immigrant Bantu people beginning in the 15th century. The people who settled...