Sousse Travel Guide

Sousse, Tunisia is a colorful holiday destination with both African flavors and Mediterranean nuances.

Located in North Africa, Sousse is Tunisia’s third largest city and the country’s most important port city. Even in Finland, Sousse is a traditional holiday destination that has maintained its popularity among tourists.


Historic resort

The city of Sousse is over 3,000 years old. History is revealed as soon as you enter the city, as there are signs of it everywhere: the spas founded during Roman rule, the French colonial buildings and the Muslim mosques.

In Sousse, which successfully combines the old and the new, it can be said that the whole city is divided into new and old parts. In the old Medina you can feel the Arab atmosphere and in the new part of Sousse you can find modern westernism.

Throughout its long history, diverse Tunisia has had time to absorb many influences. Tunisia has captured the climate of the Mediterranean, nature of Africa and exoticism of Arabia. Tunisia also has a lot to see, with the legendary Carthage located here. The holidaymaker can visit several ruins and historical landmarks.

Fun and hobbies in Sousse

Port el Kantoui is a harbor located 10 km from the center of Sousse, where you can admire beautiful pleasure boats and spend the day in cafés and good restaurants. This harbor area is a popular destination for tourists, so it’s downright bustling with life. Both locals and tourists populate the idyllic harbor and enjoy the maritime atmosphere.

Many tourists are also drawn to Port el Kantaoui by the area’s two golf courses. Tunisia has developed into a popular golfing destination, where enthusiasts are attracted by the ideal climate and quality setting.

Beach holiday in Sousse

Historic resort

One of the most attractive aspects of Sousse is without a doubt the long and light beach of the resort, which extends from the Medina all the way to Port el Kantoui. You can spend sunny holidays on the beach, because during the summer months there is little fear of rain in Sousse.

Boujaffar Beach also offers many water sports, such as water skiing, surfing and boating. The beaches are clean and fine sandy, ideal for a family holiday.

Good to know about Sousse

Sousse is ideal for travelers looking for a sun holiday who is also interested in history. Sousse is a safe holiday destination, but in the lively bazaars you should watch out for pickpockets.

Sousse has a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and cool winters. The heat of midsummer may be too much for some tourists – the best time to travel to Sousse is spring, early summer or autumn.

Tunisia is an Islamic country where, however, people live quite liberally. The local culture must be respected, and a tourist holidaying in Sousse should remember to cover his shoulders and knees when visiting mosques.


Flights to Sousse

Flights to Sousse

The easiest and cheapest way to travel to Sousse is with a package tour organized by a travel agency, which includes both a holiday flight and accommodation. Sousse is just over four hours’ flight from Finland.

The nearest airport in Sousse is in Monastir, where a self-employed traveler can also inquire about flights from tour operators. Of course, you can also fly to the capital Tunis, which has good train connections to Sousse. Through the stopover, flights to Tunisia are offered by Finnair and Turkish Airlines, among others. Scheduled flights to Tunisia are quite expensive and can cost up to 1,000 euros.

Accommodation in Sousse

Accommodation in Sousse can be conveniently selected from the tour operator. The whole range of accommodation opens up to self-employed travelers: the popular Sousse, popular with tourists, offers simple budget options, pleasant family hotels and luxury hotels with spas.

Getting around Sousse

In central locations, it is easy to get around on foot in Sousse.
Getting around by taxi is relatively cheap in Sousse – however, you should make sure that the taximeter is on or agree on the price of the trip in advance. Sousse is also served by louages , car taxis , which are also used by locals.

Car rental is also possible. Sousse also has good train connections to the rest of Tunisia.


Sousse’s main attractions

Great Mosque

Sousse’s main attractions are the Grand Mosque, which was originally built in the 8th century. In the course of history, the magnificent building has been expanded several times. Only Muslims can enter the mosque, but the beautiful prayer room can also be seen from the courtyard.

Monastery fortress Ribat

The monastery fortress Ribat, located next to the Great Mosque, also dates back to the 8th century, when it was built by the Aglabids. Ribat is worth keeping in mind not only as a historical attraction but also as an excellent observation tower, from the top of which the landscape spreads over Sousse.

The underground world of the catacombs

Also of historical interest are the catacombs outside the city, which form underground tunnels more than five kilometers long. Christians were buried in the catacombs in the 200s and 300s.

Interesting Dar Essid Museum

Located in Sousse’s Old Town, the Dar Essid Museum showcases what a wealthy local home looked like in the 19th century. The charming old house has both European and African influences. The house also has a cafe.



The best experiences in Sousse

  • Enjoy beach life on Sousse’s sunny sandy beaches.
  1. See the magnificent Grand Mosque.
  2. Shop the colorful bazaars.
  3. Try golf or water sports in a great setting.
  4. Visit the historic catacombs or take a trip to Tunis.

Cons of Sousse

  • Trading can seem intrusive at times.
  1. The heat of midsummer may strain the tourist.
  2. Pickpockets can surprise you in a crowd.

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