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Boa Vista is a small island paradise in Cape Verde where Portuguese is spoken. You could say that it’s like being in the Caribbean but with Portuguese influence instead. Cape Verde is located off the northwest coast of Africa and has become a popular tourist destination by recently also offering charter trips directly there. From Sweden and more specifically Stockholm, the flight takes about 7-8 hours depending on the weather and which airline you fly with.

Boa Vista is a small island with only about 6500 inhabitants so there is plenty of space to find a remote corner. As there are close and good connections over to the other islands, many tourists usually go for a walk and look around. You can also fly from some of the islands directly over to Boa Vista.

Sights and activities

In Boa Vista’s green valleys and wildlife, there are numerous things to do. The island is considered a bit more genuine and therefore attracts more and more tourists. The capital of the island is called Sal Rei and is very colorful and cozy to walk around in. The city also has some real paradise beaches to explore as well as a great amount of local culture. The beaches are protected in different bays and are thus suitable for both couples and families with children. The best beaches are called Sal Rei and Praia do Estoril and are guaranteed to be free from dangerous waves and undercurrents.

Diving is really a must if you are on Boa Vista, as there is a whole ship cemetery below the water surface ready to be explored. These are old ships that sank when they were on their way to or from Africa.

One should also not miss the famous whale safari with humpback whales showing their stately bodies off the southwest coastline. They come inland when it’s time to mate and then you should take the opportunity to take a closer look at them.

Get around the island

In the capital, Sal Rei, it is best to use the apostle horses to get around. It is also the best way to experience the culture. You can take a taxi but this is quite expensive and if you want to go on longer trips, a rental car or the minibuses that are available are recommended.
The hotels also usually arrange a number of excursions.

Rental cars are cheap and the best thing is to rent a jeep or four-wheel drive car to get around the surroundings.

Price levels

Prices in Boa Vista can vary enormously, but it’s good to keep that in mind when shopping or shopping for food. Local products cost very little if you compare with the imported products that can have the same price level as at home in Sweden. If you are at Boa Vista, however, you should make sure to buy as much of the local goods as possible, as these are actually of high quality.
It is good to bring as much cash as possible, as the banks charge a large fee for each time you use the card. Today, however, there are free travel cards to get, including from Forex which allows you to withdraw completely free or pay without fees.

Cape Verde

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