Koutoubia Mosque is a well-known landmark among tourists. MARRAKECH

Flying to your destination

Until January 2019, Norwegian will fly to Marrakech twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. After January 2019, Norwegian will fly a direct scheduled flight once a week on Saturdays.

You can also get ready-made package tours to Marrakech. Trips are offered by, among others, Matkapörssi. A week’s holiday in Morocco is the cheapest for less than € 300.

Menara International Airport is located about 10 km from the center of Marrakech.

Koutoubia Mosque is a well-known landmark among tourists

Hotels at your fingertips

Marrakech is a popular destination for a wide range of accommodation options in different parts of the city. Hotels can be found in the middle of the old town as well as in the newer parts of Marrakech, and can be found in the Beach Ball hotel search, among other things.

Both the Medina and the most modern Hivernage and Gueliz offer unique accommodation. The traveler can choose whether to stay in a traditional inn only in a newly built full-service holiday hotel.

Traditional inns in Marrakech’s old town, for example, are behind maze-shaped alleys, so the humus from the bazaar provides easy access to the peaceful, courtyard inn, or Riyadh.

The hotels are reasonably priced and you can get a good hotel for 40-80 euros. The cheapest room for a riad is 30-40 euros per night.

A favorite of spring and autumn

By taxi and bus from one district to another

In the old part of the city, getting around is most convenient on foot. Exploring other parts of the city and moving from one place to another over longer distances is easiest by taxi or bus.

Both taxi and bus trips in Marrakech are relatively inexpensive. One of the bus hubs is Place Foucault. Buses run not only between different parts of the city, but also take you to the airport and train station.

Cheap small taxis are a convenient way for a small group to move from one place to another in the Urban Area, and larger taxis, in turn, run outside the city and to the airport. Taxi trips cost from a couple of euros to just over ten euros, depending on the length of the trip. The price is good to agree in advance.

Also, for example, the coastal city of Agadir can be reached from Marrakech by bus for about 20 euros.

There are plenty of car rental companies in Marrakech, so you can also get around the country with a rental car. The tourist should be careful in traffic, because especially in cities, the traffic culture differs from the Finnish one.



Djemaa el Fna is a square with an old storytelling tradition. In addition, snake enchanters and monkey breeders can be seen in the square.

Djemaa el Fna

The largest square in the old town is one of the most important places in Marrakech. Djemaa el Fna has been called one of the busiest market squares in Africa. In the square you can enjoy the oriental atmosphere, the offer of the bazaar stalls and various performances.

Djemaa el Fna is located in the heart of the 165-hectare old town. Marrakech’s old town, the Medina, is the second largest in Morocco.

Djemaa el Fna is also one of the world’s oldest preservers of the oral tradition, as the market lives a storytelling tradition. At the market you can also meet snake enchanters and monkey breeders, among others.

Koutoubian Mosque

Located near Djemaa el Fna Square, the Koutoubia Mosque is one of Marrakech’s landmarks. However, the famous mosque is only admired by many tourists from the outside, as there is nothing for foreign tourists inside. The mosque looks especially great in the evening light.

Bahia Palace

The beautiful Bahia Palace with its gardens is a popular destination for guided tours.

One third of the area of ​​the palace can be circled. It is full of skillful carvings, brightly colored mosaics and decorative details. The name of the palace means beautiful, and its architecture lives up to its name.

Jardin Majorelle

The Jardin Majorelle has a magnificent garden, once built by the French painter Jacques Majorelle. The garden is still maintained and is open to visitors all year round.

Next to the Majorelle Garden is a museum established in honor of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, as the garden has also been owned by Yves Saint Laurent.


The Jardin Majorelle, or Majorelle Garden, is an impressive sight and a popular attraction.


Try at least these

  1. Walking tour of the Medina and a visit to Djemaa el Fna Square.
  2. Attend a cooking school in Marrakech’s old town or sample Moroccan cuisine in the restaurants.
  3. Visit the Jardin Majorelle Gardens.
  4. Buy souvenirs from the bazaars of the old town or the newer Gueliz area.
  5. Visit the city’s glorious palaces.

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