Tauzar, Tunisia

According to Allcitycodes, there are many high-level hotels and restaurants in Tauzar, Tunisia, so you can comfortably explore the beauties of southern Tunisia: tiered oases and the ancient quarters of the old city, the salt lake Chott el-Jerid and the many-sided Sahara. Tauzar is also home to one of the country’s most remarkable museums and a magnificent outdoor theme park dedicated to world history.

How to get to Tauzar

A domestic flight from Tunis is the most convenient way. The national carrier Tunisair operates daily flights from Tunis-Carthage Airport to Touzara Airport. Travel time – 1 hour, the cost of a round-trip ticket is about 100-150 TND. Flight schedules can be found on the Tunisair website.

By bus of the state company SNTRI. Five buses depart daily to Tauzar from the capital. The fare is from 24 TND, the travel time is about seven hours. The bus, departing at 16:30, goes to Tauzar without stops, the journey takes 5.5 hours.

By train departing from the capital every evening at 20:50, arrival in Tauzar is at 5:15. This would be a great opportunity to see the country if it were not for the night darkness outside the window: the train passes almost the entire territory of Tunisia, following through Hammamet, Sousse, Sfax, Gafsa and Metlaoui to the final stop in Touzar.

On the bus. There are no direct minibuses between the resort towns and Tauzar, you will need to change in Gafsa, to which, in turn, there is a direct minibus only from Sousse and the city of Tunis.

On a rented car, which will be all the more in your favor if you are going to travel around the picturesque surroundings of Tauzar. The roads in the south are very good. Be aware of camels crossing the roadway, which will be warned at risk points by appropriate signs.

How to navigate in the city

It is difficult to get lost in Tauzar: the city is crossed by two main parallel streets: Abulkasem Shebbi Avenue leads along the hotels of the tourist zone, museums and restaurants. It is located closer to the coast of Chott el Jerid. Farhat Khashed Avenue is the central street of the old, residential part of Tauzar, where there are banks, a post office, “folk” restaurants and a market. You will enter Farhat Khashed coming to the city from Kebili and Gafsa. In which case, you can rush along it to Algeria – only 59 km.

There are many high-level hotels and restaurants in Touzar, so you can comfortably explore the beauties of southern Tunisia: tiered oases and the ancient quarters of the old city, the salt lake Chott el-Jerid and the many-sided Sahara.


In addition to the usual yellow taxis, you can get around Tauzar on a rented bike or scooter. The sluggish movement of cars in the city, coupled with wide roads, allows you to relax on the pedals or the throttle, enjoying views of the oases and salt marshes. Rental services are offered in many places along the same Abulqasem Chebbi Avenue. The cost of renting a bicycle is 7 TND per hour, a scooter is 12 TND. You can rent transport for the whole day or several days at a lower price.

You can also ride around Tauzar and the surrounding area on a calèche – a painted carriage drawn by a pair of horses. The cost of pleasure is 10 TND per hour. Kaleshniks do not have a specific place of deployment, you need to catch a free one on the streets of the city, most often in the tourist area.

Weather in Tozeur

Due to the certain remoteness of the Sahara sands, it is not as hot here as in Duza, but in any case, the sun is hot. Headwear, sunglasses, closed clothing and sunscreen are the main recommendations.

5 things to do in Tauzare

  1. Visit the miracle museum Dar Cherait.
  2. Buy the freshest dates on a branch from a nearby palm grove.
  3. Ride through the oases on a horse-drawn carriage.
  4. Spend the night in a comfortable hut stuck to a palm trunk at the Diar Abou Habibi hotel.
  5. Send on an excursion to the mountain oases with the waterfalls of Shebika, Tamegza and Mides.

Tozeur Hotels

There are almost more hotels here than in any popular coastal resort: from two-star budget city options to the magnificent “five” Dar Cherait. Most of the hotels are located in the tourist area and there is always an option to suit your budget.


There will be no problems with currency exchange and cash withdrawals from ATMs – in addition to city bank branches, this can be done at any of the many hotels in the tourist area.

Shopping and shopping in Tauzara

Traditional southern souvenirs: local dates in all their varieties, “sand roses”, national clothes (sheshi, jubba robes, Saharan sandals), traditional rugs and mats in a characteristic southern style.

The palm oases of Tauzara are no less famous than the museums. There are about 200 thousand trees located on almost 10 square meters. km.

Cuisine and restaurants

There are enough places in Tauzar where you can dine for every taste and budget. Budget options are concentrated in the residential sector, tourist-oriented establishments are along the tourist zone. In the city, you can try camel meat and Berber pizza “mtabga”.

Entertainment and attractions of Tauzara

In terms of the number of entertainments, Tauzar plugs any other Tunisian city into the belt, and even, perhaps, the capital. You should start with the museum complex Dar Cherait. There are three thematic museums on its territory: “Medina – a thousand and one nights” gives you the opportunity to plunge into the world of Arabic fairy-tale characters, “House of Folk Traditions and Crafts” has collected handicrafts from all over Tunisia under its roof, and rightfully occupies a central place Dar Zaman (“House of Time”), which tells the thousand-year history of Tunisia, from dinosaurs to modern times. All this wealth is located partly in the open air, partly in indoor halls connected by an intricate system of transitions. A night visit is especially fascinating – the museum is open from 8 am to midnight. On the territory of the museum there is a hotel of the same name, so you can literally not get out of a fairy tale.

Chak Wak Park is a kind of aid to the school’s history program for Losers of all ages. There is an almost life-size Noah’s Ark, a panorama of the Jews crossing the Red Sea, the history of Hannibal’s glorious victories and many other exhibits that fill in the gaps in knowledge.

In Belvedere Park, you can watch the sunset over the lifeless salty surface of Chott el Jerid from a detached rock, on which the profile of Abulkacem Chebbi, the national Tunisian poet, is carved.

The palm oases of Tauzara are no less famous than the museums. There are about 200 thousand trees located on almost 10 square kilometers, which are nice to walk or ride a bike.

It is also recommended to visit the ancient quarter of the Medina of Tauzara Bled el-Khadr: the facades of the houses here are lined with decorative brick bas-reliefs traditional for the city.


Every year at the end of December, a colorful Oasis Festival takes place here. The program includes performances by equestrian groups, national songs and dances, folklore processions and fairs of products of southern artisans.

Where to go from Tauzar

Located 23 km from the city of Nefta, it is not only the center of Tunisian Shiites, but also the most “palm” city in the country. Corbeille – “basket” – the main oasis of Nephta, located in the lowland and fed by underground waters. Around the “basket” there are many cafes where you can drink a glass of tea on the same level with the tops of palm crowns.

The mountain oases of Tamegza (on the signs – Tamerza), Shebika and Mides are Berber villages clinging to the slopes of the mountains with primitive stone houses. In Shebik, you can take an hour walk through the mountains with a descent to a mountain waterfall with amazingly clear and icy water. At Tamegze the waterfall is more imposing, and many curious things are sold in the market at its foot.

Tauzar, Tunisia

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