Sights of Boa Vista, Cape Verde

The island of Boa Vista is after Sal the most popular island of Cape Verde among tourists. Most tourists come to the island for a wonderful sun, sea and beach holiday. Nevertheless, the island has all kinds of hidden gems that ask to be discovered during your holiday on the island. There are several beautiful villages scattered across the island and the capital Sal Rei should certainly not escape your attention during your stay on the island. The landscape of Boa Vista is mainly defined by sand, stone and rocks supplemented by some goats and wild donkeys. Yet it is very special to explore the island with a 4×4 or a quad.

Top 10 sights of Boa Vista

#1. Sal Rei
According to Countries Annals, Sal Rei is the largest and capital of the island of Boa Vista. The town can be found in the western part of the island, a stone’s throw from the airport. A large part of the larger and well-known hotels and resorts are located in the immediate vicinity of Sal Rei. The town was originally a fishing village that has been slowly turning into a tourist town in recent years. You can find a tourist market and several terraces and restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious meal as a tourist. Don’t forget to visit Sal Rei beach and don’t miss the small but special fish auction.

#2. Santa Monica Beach
Santa Monica Beach on Boa Vista is considered the most beautiful beach in Cape Verde. You will also regularly come across the beach in the top ten of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The beach is often in the top three of these. It is a beautiful deserted beach with a total length of 18 kilometers and is located in a deserted corner of the island. As a result, the beach is still completely unspoilt, let’s hope that this will remain so despite the emerging tourism on Boa Vista.

#3. Rabil
Rabil is the old capital of Boa Vista. The town is located right next to the airport, just southeast of the current capital Sal Rei. In addition to the airport, there is also a pottery in the village where the typical Boa Vista ceramics are produced. Another sight in the village is the São Roque church. The village of Rabil was built right next to one of the oases on Boa Vista, so there are some palm trees and shrubs on the edge of the village. An image that you don’t actually see anywhere else on the island.

#4. Shipwreck of the Cabo Santa Maria
The most famous attraction of the island of Boa Vista is the shipwreck of the Santa Maria. However, how long this will be the case is still the question as less and less of the wreck remains. The shipwreck of the Santa Maria has been found off the north coast of Cape Verde since the 1960s. You can only reach the shipwreck via a bumpy road that is only passable with a 4×4.

#5. Caretta caretta turtles
For large parts of the year, some beaches on Boa Vista are off limits to tourists. During this period, the beaches are used by the Caretta Caretta turtles who lay their eggs there. In the evening and night the sea turtles come crawling onto the beach, dig a hole and lay their eggs, sometimes more than a hundred at a time. This is the only time a year that the sea turtles come ashore.

#6. Fundo de Figueiras
Fundo de Figueiras is a beautiful village in the eastern part of Boa Vista. Over the years, the village has managed to retain a large part of its authentic character. The village therefore invites you to take a nice short walk through it. The main attraction of the village is the church. You will come across this immediately upon entering the village. There are a striking number of tourist shops in the village.

#7. Bofareira
Bofareira is a remarkably colorful village in the northern part of Cape Verde. Because Bofareira is located on one of the better roads of the island, it is relatively easy to reach. A visit to the village is therefore part of some excursions that you can book on Boa Vista. As soon as the truck with tourists enters the village, most of the inhabitants come out, some just look at you, others play music, making it a nice stopover.

#8. The tourist market of Sal Rei
If you want to score a nice souvenir for home, you should visit the tourist market of Sal Rei. To be honest, most of the items sold here come from the mainland of Africa, but it is one of the nicest places to buy such a souvenir. The various shops are right next to each other and almost all sell the same thing. If you want to buy something, don’t forget to haggle.

#9. The sand dunes of Boa Vista
The beautiful sand dunes of Boa Vista can be found in the southern part of the island. You will encounter the dunes during several excursions such as driving a quad. Crossing these dunes will be one of the highlights during your stay on the island. These sand dunes are also perfect for sand surfing.

#10. The old salt mines
The salt mines of Boa Vista were for a long time the only and therefore the most important sources of income for the inhabitants of the island. Today, these old mines lie abandoned, giving them a somewhat ghostly appearance. Some of the excursions you can make on Boa Vista take you past these old salt mines.

Boa Vista, Cape Verde

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