What to See in Morocco

Agadir (Morocco)

Agadir is the most popular resort in Morocco. The city is located in the picturesque Sousse Valley, on one side – the Atlantic coast, and on the other – the mountains that protect from the sultry wind from the Sahara desert.

From the 8th century BC Here the Phoenicians began to arrange their settlements. In the Middle Ages, the city passed to the Portuguese, who built a fort and since then Agadir has become a major trading port. In 1960, after a devastating earthquake, it turned into a pile of stones. Now, after restoration, Agadir very similar to European resorts, there are no narrow old streets typical of eastern cities, but there are numerous bars, restaurants, cafes and shops, the locals are very modern – women practically do not wear national costumes. Within the city there is the best sandy beach in Morocco with excellent conditions for water sports – surfing, boat trips on yachts and fishing. The wide boulevard Mohammed V stretches along the coast, and there are more than 40 hotels in the district. On the site of the old city, a memorial park was created in memory of the victims of the earthquake, which is reminiscent of the ruins of the old fort. From here, from the preserved walls, a wonderful view of the city opens. Thursdays in Agadir there is a local market. The fish market has also become one of the attractions of the city. All kinds of seafood are sold on its vast territory. Excursions are constantly sent from the city to the historical places of southern Morocco – the ancient settlements of Tafraout and Tiznit, to the Immuzer area with a picturesque waterfall, to the town of Tassila to spend an evening with national dances.

Essaouira is located 170 km north of Agadir. The highest wave on the coast is observed here and a constant wind blows, so surfers prefer to gather here, especially since there is a large surfing center nearby.

Rest in the mild climate of Agadir helps to get rid of stress, general fatigue and insomnia. Not long ago, a French thalassotherapy center was opened here, where you will be offered several courses, including hot baths, hammam, manual massage, mud therapy and seaweed therapy.

AI-Massira International Airport is located 28 km south of Agadir.

Casablanca (Morocco)

In the 8th century, the Berber settlement of Anfa stood on the site of Casablanca, gradually it grew, and a port was built on the coast. In the 15th and 16th centuries, pirates settled in the area of the city, annoying many coastal cities in Europe with their attacks. Once the Portuguese sent their army to Anfa, took the city by storm and burned it. At this place they built a fort and called it “the white house”. In Spanish, it sounds like Casa Blanca, from where the modern name of the city came from.

Casablanca is located 88 km south of Rabat. The city is the economic capital of Morocco.. This is a business center with towering skyscrapers, wide boulevards lined with neat white houses. But all this description refers to the new quarter, which was built in the 20th century. Its center is the United Nations Square, and on the Corniche promenade, in numerous places of entertainment, hectic life boils every night.

In the old quarter of Casablanca small houses and the famous Habbus shopping area are located, where each market is replete with a variety of goods, and you can buy excellent souvenirs in antique shops. Against the backdrop of all this are the majestic Palace of Justice Mahamama do Pacha and the Church of Notre Dame de Lourdes. To the northwest of the old quarter is the main attraction of the city – the mosque of Hassan II. It was built by Frenchman Michel Pinsot and opened in 1993. Now it is the second largest mosque after the Muslim temple in Mecca. The height of its minaret is 200 m. Inside, the mosque is striking in its beauty – it is decorated with frescoes, wood carvings and all kinds of patterns. The marble prayer hall has 78 columns, and massive Venetian chandeliers hang from the ceiling. The Hassan II Mosque is one of the few where people of a different faith are allowed.

The largest airport in Morocco – Mohammed V International Airport is located 30 km southeast of Casablanca. There are 5 railway stations in the city itself.

Marrakesh (Morocco)

According to Shop a Review, Marrakesh is an ancient city, once the former capital of the state. Its foundation dates back to 1062, during the reign of the Arabs. Marrakech is located in the center of Morocco, in the Atlas Mountains.

In architecture, the old city, the so-called Medina, stands out. It is surrounded by a wall, and inside is Jem el Fna Square, which has been recognized by UNESCO as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Street musicians and dancers perform here all day long, henna tattoo artists offer their services. You can admire all this while sitting at a table in one of the many cafes and restaurants surrounding the square. From almost anywhere in the city you can see the Koutoubia Mosque, which was built in the 12th century, its minaret has a height of 77 meters. Behind it are the magnificent Minar Gardens, which are considered the most romantic place in Marrakesh. It is interesting to look at the mausoleum of Yusuf bin Tashfin, the mosques of the Golden Apples, the Bahia Palace and the tomb of the Saadids. Be sure to visit the royal palace of Dar El Makhzen, where the official residence of His Majesty is currently located. The city has a huge number of markets, most of them can be found near Jem el Fna square, among them the most popular are the Aladdin’s Lamp antiques market and the indoor Central Market.

In July, Marrakesh hosts the annual Folk Art Festival for 10 days. Performances are held in the dilapidated El Badi Palace, tourists mainly visit this festival to look at the art of belly dancing.

Marrakesh (Morocco)

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