How to Protect Your Suitcase on the Plane

Before packing, you must be careful that you do not have an injury while traveling. Now, do you know how to better protect luggage? 

Destination chosen, trip booked and you already count down for your ride. In the midst of so much anticipation, some details need to be thought through so as not to come as a surprise. One is with your suitcase.

How to Protect Your Suitcase on the Plane

In addition to the possibility of misplaced luggage, it can be damaged during transportation or even stolen – partially or totally – which can be quite a headache. Therefore, care is not taken to protect and identify your suitcase.

To let you know how to ensure the protection of your luggage, let’s list some tips that will be important for the safety of your bag, and help you not to lose sight of it. Here we go?

Preparing luggage before the flight

Rigid bag or flexible bag?

Before you even arrive at the airport, you should start taking proper precautions with your suitcase. The first of them departs at the time of the choice of luggage model.

Hard bags better protect your belongings, ensuring safety from shocks, falls and also water. They are the right recommendation if you carry fragile items such as glass and ceramics. Another point is that hard bags last much longer than flexible ones, even if they scratch and scratch more easily.

Flexible ones have the advantage of being able to squeeze things because they are malleable. By contrast, any impact can break your belongings and generate great frustration.

Use zipper padlocks

Unfortunately, we always have to be careful not to get stolen. In the case of airports, your suitcase will go through several hands and it is better to be safe.

Padlocks and seals are a great alternative to securing your suitcase on the go by zipping them and keeping the key with you. Give preference to TSA locks, which are mainly regulated for travel to the US.

Sort the most valuable items in your handbag

You already know that carry- on luggage is one that goes with us on the plane. This is also why she should carry her most valuable items as she will be under her care.

Notebooks, cameras, tablets and any other items that deserve special attention should be brought with you. At worst, it is already one less worry and one more guarantee.

Securing your suitcase at the airport

Tag the luggage with a tag

Tags are small accessories that serve to inform the passenger data owner of that suitcase. They are easy to find in airport stores for a very reasonable price and already prevent anyone from grabbing your bag by mistake. What is not missing is the same suitcase, right?

Pack the luggage with plasticization

Protecting the suitcase is an arduous task, but some companies have services of their own. One of the most affordable is the plasticization of your luggage, made in counters inside the airport itself.

With plasticization, any breach is more difficult and you also ensure that scratches will not happen. Another important point is that if someone tries to steal your belongings, it will be easier to have proof, since plastic better evidences the action.

How much does it cost to pack your suitcase at the airport

Costs for this type of service may vary slightly. The values ​​change according to the size of the luggage, which is classified as small, medium and large. There are also price differences between the companies that offer the suitcase packing.


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