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All cities and resorts of Mauritius for travel. List of the most famous regions, regions, cities and resorts of Mauritius: population, codes, distances, best descriptions and reviews of tourists.

A charming island in the heart of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is one of the most popular exotic destinations. Luxurious nature, comfortable temperature all year round, ocean expanses and sandy beaches of excellent quality – this is the secret of the Emerald Isle’s popularity among tourists from all over the world. Add to this the rich colonial past of Mauritius, expressed today in the general civilization of the local population, knowledge of French (and often English) and a decent number of interesting historical sights.which are guaranteed not to let you get bored in an atmosphere of incessant bliss and fabulous idleness. In general, you have already understood: it is certainly worth taking a closer look at Mauritius as the point of the next “sally” from our immense. And in order to decide which coast of the island to go to and which resort to prefer, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the facts below.

Who is this song about

The contingent of vacationers in Mauritius can be briefly described as follows: non-poor lovers of civilized exoticism, equally welcoming beach idleness, developed recreation infrastructure and the presence of an easy “excursion” in the kit. A visa, as you might guess, is not needed, so the formalities and inconveniences are reduced to almost an absolute minimum – as they say, go – I don’t want to, if I had money.

Note: according to allcitypopulation, the population of Mauritius is 1.266 million (2021).

The nature of the rest in the resorts of Mauritius is very calm, respectable, without excessive amusements, but not “stagnant”. “Trick” number one is, of course, luxurious nature, and you can comprehend it not only vegetatively, looking up at the shining blue sky, but also very actively: on foot and horse trips, doing active water and “dry” sports, as well as in during the excursions.

Which resort do you prefer?

Relatively speaking, the cities and resorts of Mauritius can be divided into two categories: those where, in addition to hotels and beaches, there is something else – historical sights, museums, interesting industries and “big” souvenir shops; and “plant” resorts, where you can retire surrounded by very beautiful nature and not even think about civilization for the whole vacation.

The west coast of the island is the most popular, it makes sense to stay in Flic-en-Flac, located on the best beach of the island, and go to the neighboring city, the capital of Port Louis, for a portion of cultural impressions.

Mahebourg and the entire east coast of Mauritius are guaranteed to appeal to lovers of solitude – the local resorts are practically not affected by mass tourism.

The northern coast of Mauritius and its main resort, Grand Baie, attracts the most diverse contingent: divers, clubbers, and fans of silence flock here – there is the most “correct” hotel for everyone. In addition, a whole bunch of picturesque islands are scattered off the northern coast. And for complete solitude and untouched nature, you should go to the island of Rodrigues located 560 km away: there is a national park, and reefs, and a handful of satellite islands in the kit.

Bel Ombre and the southern coast of the island will amaze you with magnificent natural landscapes: well-maintained and absolutely wild beaches are mixed here, there are many protected areas in the vicinity, and in search of sights you can go to the nearby town of Mahebourg.

Bel Ombre

Bel Ombre is one of the most respectable resorts on the south coast of Mauritius. It is quiet, calm and very luxurious. There are many dive centers on the coast, there are golf courses at some hotels, as well as for entertainment – ATV rentals, catamaran and yacht trips and trips to the reserve, where there is a waterfall with a natural pool and wild boars. You can’t hunt them, but you can most likely take pictures at close range.

The audience at this resort is mostly wealthy middle-aged and elderly people from all over the world, so there are plenty of restaurants and spa centers here, but for disco parties it is better to choose another place.


First-class hotels “Shanti Ananda”, “Movenpick”, “Heritage le Telfer”, “Sofitel” and others are waiting for guests. All of them offer excellent service, while the price bar is naturally overpriced – so in search of more budget options it is better to pay attention to other resorts.

Entertainment and attractions

The main entertainment of tourists who have fallen into the local paradise is a walk to the Bel Ombre plantation (Domaine de Bel Ombre), founded by the Irish botanist Charles Telfair back in 1816. On its territory there is a spa center and golf courses, excursion tours are conducted with a guide.

The rest of the resort’s attractions are mainly of natural origin: flowers, gardens, waterfalls, birds and gourmet restaurants with dishes at appropriate prices.

Resorts of Mauritius

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