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This resort originated in a bay where the Israelis began to build hotels before the 1979 war (for example, Helnan Marina was built by them more than 30 years ago). The vast majority of the natives living here are hotel staff and tourism workers. Entertainment, food, souvenirs are more expensive than in other resorts in Egypt. Rest in Sharm el-Sheikh is a decent (by Egyptian standards) service, beautiful sea and coral reefs.
Naama Bay is the oldest and most comfortable part of Sharm el-Sheikh, a continuous series of hotels in two or three lines. Along the entire beach of Naama Bay there is an 8 km long pedestrian street with restaurants, cafes, discos and shops. In addition to Naama Bay, many hotels are located in other bays to the north and south: Sharm El Maya, Sharks Bay, Nabq, etc.

How to call

8-10-20-69-phone number desired phones

Tourist Police: 600-675,
Police Department: 660-306,
Ambulance: 600-554,
Hospital: 661-011,
Airport 601-140.


Average temperature in Sharm El Sheikh area in C (day/night/water): January (20/11/20), February (22/11/18), March (24/14/20), April (27/ 17/23), May (32/23/26), June (34/24/29), July (36/27/31), August (38/29/30), September (34/24/29), October (30/20/26), November (26/16/24), December (22/12/22).


In Naama Bay, the beaches are “conditionally sandy”: swimming without special shoes is not possible everywhere, but only on specially cleared sections of the beach (usually they are fenced with buoys).
The only natural sandy beach in Sharm El Sheikh is Sharm El Maya Bay (Iberotel Palace and Seti Sharm hotels), only there you can swim barefoot. The beaches in the new promising areas of the resort (Hadaba, Sharks Bay, Nabq Bay) are more correctly called not sandy, but coral. There is a conservation area here, and even to build bridges over the corals for passage, hotels require many permits.
Almost on all beaches in these areas, corals start almost from the very edge of the water and stretch for 15-30 meters. It is inconvenient for children to swim, but it pleases lovers of underwater flora and fauna, observing outlandish coral fish and other wonders of the Red Sea right under their feet.


The most inexpensive shops and restaurants are concentrated in the Old Market area of ​​the old city. There you can buy various souvenirs at a relatively low price, and at the same time look at the fruit market. The most expensive shops are in the area of ​​the tourist center in Naama Bay.


Inexpensive and high-quality restaurants: fish Sinai Star (~ 15 LE per dinner), Egyptian cuisine restaurant Onions (~ 15 LE per dish). Expensive popular restaurants: fish Samakmak, Italian Mamma Mia, Thai restaurant at Sharm Holiday Hotel.


Excursion to Mount Moses ~ 40/20 USD (adult / child), trip to the Monastery of St. Catherine ~ 35/20 USD, “Colored Canyon of Nuweiba” ~ 50/20 USD, “Grand Safari” ~ 55/25 USD, reserve Abu Galum ~60/45 USD, Ras Mohammed Nature Reserve ~40/20 USD, coral islands ~35/25 USD, diving ~50 USD (single dive), glass bottom boat ~15/10 USD, bathyscaphe ~45/25 USD, dolphinarium ~25/15 USD, fishing ~55/30 USD, trip to Cairo (1 day, bus) ~ 65/35 USD, trip to Cairo (1 day, plane) ~180/150 USD, Cairo – Alexandria (2 days) ~150/100 USD, Luxor (airplane) ~220/150 USD, Moto Safari ~25 USD, Jeep Safari ~30/20 USD, Thousand and One show night” ~ 20/10 USD, boat trip ~ 35/20 USD, on a yacht ~ 45/25 USD.


Popular discos are Bus Stop, Hard Rock Cafe, Black House (at the Tropicana Rosetta hotel). Children’s amusement park Fun Town (5 LE per attraction ).
In Sharm El Sheikh there is a new water park “Cleo-Park”, the entrance to it costs ~30 USD.


Dahab is a new small resort on the east coast of the Sinai Peninsula, 95 km from Sharm el-Sheikh. In Dahab there are many campsites and several “classified” hotels from 3 * to 5 *. Conventionally, the resort can be divided into two parts – a tourist center with a few but good hotels, and a “Bedouin village”, popular with tourists who prefer inexpensive and unpretentious accommodation and national restaurants. Almost all hotels are located on the shore of the bay, separated from the sea by a wide spit.
There are no big waves in Dahab, but the wind almost always blows. That is why it is considered a resort for surfers. In addition, the famous “Blue Abyss” is located here, attracting diving enthusiasts from all over the world.

Nuweiba is a resort on the east coast of the Sinai Peninsula, 170 km north of Sharm el-Sheikh. Suitable for a relaxing family holiday by the sea, as well as for lovers of water sports. Nuweiba is not even a city, but the name of a stretch of coast about 30 km long, on which there are small settlements, a few hotels located at considerable distances from each other, and the port of the same name. From Nuweiba it is convenient to make excursions within the Sinai (up to Mount Moses and the monastery of St. Catherine from here 110 km).

Taba is a small resort on the very border with Israel on the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba. This is a place for a quiet family holiday with children, there is almost nothing to do outside the hotel.
The coral reefs of Taba are not inferior to Sharm el-Sheikh and Dahab. True, all this beauty is located very close to the coast, so bathers will need special shoes. In Taba, vacationers are offered boat trips to the tiny Pharaoh Island – with a tour of the fortress, swimming on the beach and exploring the coral reefs.
Excursions to Mount Moses and the Colored Canyon from Taba are much closer than from Sharm el-Sheikh.

Sharm el-Sheikh - Resorts in Egypt

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