Resorts and Attractions of Mauritius

Tourism is an important component of the economic well-being in Mauritius. Therefore, the beaches of this country are maintained in almost perfect condition. They are cleaned every day, and sometimes the sand is also sieved, removing coral fragments and dead algae.

A road stretches from Port Louis to Morne Brabant, on one side of which there is a strip of beaches, and on the other, a picturesque mountain plateau. Some beaches, such as those near the village of Flic-en-Flac, are excellent.

Tamarin Bay looks more wild and natural. Due to strong currents, it is better not to swim here, but for surfers, this beach is ideal.
The area of ​​Pointe aux Pimentes (Cape of Spice) is interesting for small rocky bays, silence and beautiful lagoons.
Baie aux Tortu (Turtle Bay) is a fashionable and prestigious resort with small beaches.
Trou aux Biches and Mont Choisy have wonderful sandy beaches, very clean and comfortable.
The Pointe-au-Cannonier peninsula is a zone of small secluded beaches, very cozy, and nice hotels next to them.
To the west of Grand Baie, you can visit the public beach of Mont Choisy, which stretches along the entire coast to Pointe aux Cannoniers.
To the east of the city of Mahebourg, a city in the south of Mauritius, is a wonderful beach.
On the east coast of the island you can find a magnificent long beach stretching from Palmar to Pointe de Flac.

The Pearl of the Indian Ocean, the Island of the Star, the Place of Dreams – these even more poetic names call their homeland the inhabitants of the island of Mauritius. They really have something to be proud of.

The breathtaking virgin beauty of the coast, stunning beaches, gentle sea, mild climate deserve attention not only from the local population, but also from the guests of the island.
That’s right, a holiday in Mauritius can be compared with paradise. The island location turns this area into a huge beach with a sunny landscape, open sea and clean coast. Regardless of the fact that Mauritius is far from the mainland, this is a fairly popular tourist destination.

According to The Religion FAQs, Mauritius is considered an expensive and elite resort. The island successfully combines tropical exoticism and a high level of service. The inscription on the coat of arms of Mauritius states that this island is the “Star and Key of the Indian Ocean”. The island enchants with emerald lagoons, white beaches and emerald tropical greenery.

Mauritius is quite a small island, which is very convenient for tourists, as the chance of getting lost during the tour is too small. Here, wherever you go, you will still come to a point that has signs of human existence.

Port Louis is the largest city, main port and capital of Mauritius. Since 1635 the city has been an ordinary port. In 1735, the French made it the administrative center of Mauritius, and it became an important supply point for French ships sailing to the Cape of Good Hope. The city was named Port Louis in honor of King Louis XV of France. The city has a university and several museums.

Nature reserves of Mauritius

If you are into wildlife, you should definitely visit the Flic-en-Flac nature reserve, which has beaches and the Casela Bird Park nature reserve. Near the town of Volmara, you can visit the 700-hectare nature reserve of the same name, where many rare animal species live, hiking, cycling and car excursions are possible there. In the western part of the island, nature lovers can find a lot of interesting things for themselves – the relic forest Makshabe aka Mahabi Belomb, the largest natural reserve in Mauritius, the Black River Gorge National Park, the islet of Benitiers, Tamarind Bay, Morne Brabant (550 m), as well as good places for sea fishing.
The Riviera de Anguilles Park will give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the life of crocodiles, giant tortoises, chameleons, monkeys, bats among the emerald jungle.

Not far from the northern coast, in the ocean, there is a group of islands Cuen de Mir, Ile Rond, Me aux Serpents, Gabriel, Ile Plat, Ile d’Ambre. All these islands are nature reserves. It is around these islands that you can engage in exciting diving. Attractive Les Val Natural Park you can find near the town of View Grand Port in the south of the island. In the east of Mauritius, you can see the virgin forest of Domans du Chasseur and the lands of Ylang Ylang, Montaigne du Lyon (Lion Mountain, 480 m.), Grande Rivière Sud-Est waterfalls at the mouth of the river of the same name, Deer Island and Cape Devil.

Holidays in Mauritius

January 1-2 – European New Year.
January-February – Chinese New Year.
February-March – Hindu holiday Maha Shivaratri, Night of Shiva.
March 12 – Mauritius Independence Day.
April is the Hindu holiday of Holi.
April May – Hindu New Year, Easter (working day).
May 1 – Labor Day.
September 9 is the feast day of Saint Jacques Desiree Laval.
August-September – Hindu holiday Ganesha’s birthday.
October-November is the Hindu festival of lights, Diwali.
November 1 – All Saints’ Day.
December 24-25 – Catholic Christmas.

Attractions of Mauritius

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