Z Launcher 1.3.1 Beta in Public Play Store Nokia

You back to talk about Z Launcher -Android launcher developed in the first person by Nokia -with the release of version 1.3 of the app in the Store Play. The new release is accompanied with a changelog that lists several news worthy of mention, specifically:

  • Synonyms. This is an experimental feature that displays the installed apps similar to those of research carried out by the user. For example this search with the term “music”, thanks to synonyms, will highlight the results apps like Spotify or Pandora.
  • WhatsApp contacts now appear in search resultsby allowing you to start a conversation. The algorithms that highlight the contacts become all the more efficient as more using this mode
  • Performance improvement
  • Fixing bugs

The new version of Z Launcher comes after several months of silence on the part of the development team that, as you can see, has not abandoned the project and, on the contrary, continued to strengthen what is the core feature of the launcher, which is the ability to search content (apps, files, contacts, etc.) just starting to trace on the display the name of the item you want.

Z Launcher is a project to be taken into account especially in the future, if Nokia were to actually choose to go into the smartphone market by the end of 2016. Meanwhile its developers continue to ‘ practice ‘ making available Z Laucher, still in beta, for all users who own an Android device 4.1 and later.