XXL Gift Purchasing Consultant For Christmas About 400 Tests!

The Christmas Countdown is mercilessly, 24 December is sooo close and you have still not all gifts together? At most expensive technology presents the purchase wants to be well-planned: which Tablet fits best to the or to the loved one? On the multifunction device has one long joy? Records action cam XY smoothly including the Christmas hustle and bustle? Because nobody wants to buy the proverbial pig in a poke, our site help image with this purchase consultant and numerous tests, to keep track! Here you will find only the best products in the categories of Tablet PC, wireless router, ebook reader, multi function devices, cameras and action cams.

A Smartphone, TV or laptop are on your wish list? Under the Christmas tree should a sound bar, wireless speakers, or headphones be? In the first part of the large Christmas purchasing consultant of Our site you will find the best products in the mentioned device categories!

Tablets: great devices at a low price

In recent years Tablet pcs have experienced a fall in prices. 2011 you paid on average 502 euro for a device, by 2015 it should be only 265 euro. The price range in the current test ranges from 60 to over 1,200 euros because all the candidates come from brand-name manufacturers, the average price is higher. Currently, the fourth generation of the ipad mini holding the top spot on the leaderboard: A brilliant display, the high pace of work and the impeccable processing a top note brought the Apple tablet. Huawei’s mediapad X 2 7.0 follows close behind, there are also a great screen, a nimble processor and long battery life. By Samsung, it creates the Galaxy tab S2 8.0 in the top 5. All three test candidates cost among 365 euros.

The best tablets

Wireless router: cutting edge technology from Berlin

There are several reasons that speak for a new modern router. Your model does not, know about the current Wi-Fi ac standard, many devices hanging at the same time in the network force the router to its knees. Your Wi-Fi router in at close range is lame bundle Special techniques in new routers the data stream and increase as range and speed. Older devices use not infrequently outdated standards such as USB 2.0 and 100-Mbps LAN connections. USB 3.0 with Gigabit-LAN Sockets, new router solve this pace bonds. The best Wi-Fi router comes from AVM, network specialist from Berlin: the fritzbox 7490 (Note: 2,16) provides everything you need to operate of a (V) DSL connection and telephone system. The built-in phone base is missing the lower fritzbox 3490 (Note: 2.54) who doesn’t need that but saves up to 60 euros.

In the test: the best wireless router

Ebook reader: spoilt for choice

For ebook readers, two providers have divided among themselves the market: online – shipping retailer Amazon offers its Kindle models probably an appropriate device for every taste, binds buyer but to the in-house system. There are the simplest Amazon Kindle with all basic functions, but with small screen resolution, and without integrated lighting for 70 euro. Both makes the middle class in the form of the 119 euro expensive Kindle Paperwhite 2015 better. In the test noticed but that the display is unevenly lit. Amazon’s top model Kindle voyage (189 euro) do not afford this weakness, but it is 2015 something low like the Paperwhite. The Talukder Alliance (Telecom, Thalia, Hugendubel, worldview, Libri) has shine 2 HD and vision 3 HD: both ebook readers may compete with the kindles from Amazon. Advantage of Tolinos: you force users not connected ebook shop on.

Ebook reader in the test

20 ebook Reader best models

Multifunction devices: one for all

Print, copy, fax, scan so-called all-in-one printer are true all-rounders in the Office and at home. The best: Serves as little more than a device that can only print. Our site has popular multifunction devices (colloquially known as Mufus) in the test lab sent and found out how well set up the test candidates can be, as it is ordered to the print quality and how much is a single expression. Best HP officejet Pro section 8600 plus, which costs but also proud 700 euros. The successor to 134 euro bypasses Office Jet Pro 8610 sparingly with ink he is the best choice for spenders. The Canon MAXIFY MB2350 for around 100 euros proved a nimble, but also comparatively loud printer. An alternative under 100 euros is the Brother DCP-J4120DW dar. He even comes with the A3-size handle.

The best multifunction printer

40 models, printer, scanner, copier and fax in one

Cameras: hold Christmas photos

Who would like to buy a new camera, faces the question: it should be a compact, a system or single lens reflex camera (DSLR)? The best compromise in terms of price and performance is a system camera. That are similar to compact Superzoomer, score points but like slrs with many setting options, bulky accessories and interchangeable lenses. Anyone looking for an inexpensive powerhouse, resorts to the Samsung NX30. It is comparatively easy, waiting with an electronic sensor and will cost 450 euros (without lens). Who want better picture quality and the necessary budget (around 1,000 euros), get the Sony Alpha 7 II a noble system camera, which scored highly in the test with fast autofocus and programmable buttons.

24 system cameras in the test

24 cameras to the top models

Action cams: on the courts, ready,…

… Come on! Where conventional cameras namely fail (fast) movements, really absorb trip to so-called action cams. The specialist for outdoor and sports shots are compact. Plug into a protective case that is water resistant up to a certain depth. The technology consumes little power without moving mechanical parts, so length clips with two to three hours pose no problem. Best known are the action cams from gopro. Also in the Our site tests the gopro Hero 4 4K-fähige beat the equipment excellent black about leads on the leaderboard. With over 350 euros however is anything other than a price tip. It’s cheaper: roughly with the gopro Hero 4 session (209 euros). The good Sony HDR AS30V burden your wallet with 155 euros.

The best action cams are

33 cameras to the top models mobile phone, laptop, TV, and more: the great Christmas buying advice (part 1)