“Why Not? We Could Get to Compete with Major Manufacturers’: Ibon Lopez of Goikoetxea, Mobile Zopo, Spain

Although unknown to some, Zopo It is a young brand that comes from china with the ambition to gain a foothold in the global market under the ideology of the balance between quality and price., but not limited to the low range.

Despite having little more than one year of life, in Spain already carry some months worked, so we have been able to make a interview with Ibon Lopez of Goikoetxea It is responsible for communication and Marketing of Zopo Mobile Spain. These are his impressions.

We would like to know a little company, which is very young, how and when is born Zopo?

Ibon: Zopo Mobile begins its journey in the year 2012 in the China town of Shenzhen. The firm was founded in order to position itself as one of the brands of reference in the market of Smartphones in China. During 2013 has begun phased its internationalization in other countries such as Germany, Italy, India, Colombia etc. In Spain it began marketing in July, and since Zopo Mobile Spain we are dealing with the Spanish and Portuguese market.

What percentage of market in China and what devices are the most prominent?

“Zopo Mobile is one of the 10 leading manufacturers of Chinese origin”

Ibon: Currently say that Zopo Mobile is one of the 10 leading manufacturers of Chinese origin, in terms of market share, it is very difficult to know which position is currently Zopo Mobile, what if we can highlight that it is a firm with a huge future potential.
In terms of our product range, three models of reference are; ZP980 with 32 Gb of ROM memory + 2 Gb memory RAM, ZP990 6 “with 32 Gb of ROM memory + 2 Gb memory RAM and ZPC3 with 16 GB of memory ROM and 1 Gb of RAM memory.

Zopo Mobile Spain official store

Now Android dominates among the mobile OS and in your case you much support in it but you have also worked with Linux Sailfish in India. What is the role of Android in your devices? Do you think in customize own layer or ROM?

Ibon: If currently Zopo Mobile is working with other OS in China and india for example. Facing the European market our brand only bet on Android as an operating system. If we plan to customize own layer or ROM, the answer is Yes. We believe that it is important to have a custom layer, in order to give a different image. It will be available throughout 2014.

Recently the company seeks an international market, when did Zopo to distribute in Spain? Are you looking to compete with the more established firms?

Ibon: Zopo Mobile Spain began distribution in Spain and Portugal in the middle of July, the idea is to go to penetrate the market in Spanish and Portuguese little by little. Once done, why not, to compete with major manufacturers. Anyway, we are aware which is our niche market during the next few months.

In addition to mobile free on the web, there are plans to reach more audience through contracts with operators or distribution in supermarkets?

“We are closing agreements with sale points located in the Iberian peninsula”

Ibon: If of course we are currently closing agreements with outlets located throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Soon our products can be purchased at stores official and exclusive Zopo, selling phone multi-brand stores, existing franchises that are related to the world of telephony, operators mainly OMV franchises, etc. All these points of sale can reach from our official website. In the medium term, the idea is that our official website www.zopomobile.es ceases to be an online store, and to become a corporate website.

ZP980 and ZP990 are the most outstanding models of Zopo

What is Zopo having no other companies in the sector? Why should users look at their phones?

Ibon: Zopo Mobile bet by the quality-price variable, offering a range of smartphones with very high performance at very competitive prices. All our terminals are property that are free, Dual Sim, and with the possibility of adding a micro SD up to 64 GB. Some of them also have displays Full HD, 13.1 camera mega pixels, processors quad – core, etc and other advantages. All this makes that our phones are very attractive for all users, both individuals and professionals.

The tablet reach Zopo?Ibon: Currently not.