What Drives Me Crazy in the Maternity Ward

Due to the success of the post ” what drives me crazy at birth”, I decided to make one more part. After all, as more children grow up, the more they have the power to do things that annoy us.

The terrible two arrived in Manuela, but didn’t end up at Bruna. So you can imagine how I get the two together.

With it connected over a number of things that drive me nuts as a mother!

Come on! I’m going to start with the top most annoying to me:

-Wake up already smacking around-This is what drives me crazy. Bruna comes to our bed every night at dawn. Then she wakes up and starts up. Or she will light all the lights in the room, or opens the window, or starts talking (or rather, shouting) you’re hungry or she runs into the room of Manu and wakes her. In any of the situations I almost play myself out of bed in fright and have to run out and put out the fire. Is there anything more bad mood than that? The few times that I open my eyes and see that she’s still sleeping, is the most humorous of the week for me fired!

Take the shoe-did I ever tell you that girls always walked barefoot around the House. But now they have lost the plot. Just get into the car I ever take the shoe. Just in time to come down is that perrengue to slip into two. The worst thing is that everywhere we go they want to take your shoes off. In addition still lose all the socks around the House, what drives me crazy because there’s a couple intact here, they’re all crooked according to maternityguides.

Mtherido not understand that it’s cold. My husband (and all men on the planet) don’t get cold, and simply do not understand that child cannot be so exposed to wind and rain. I fight with my husband all the time because it may be the wind that is, that he never thinks that girls need to coat. And then I’m always exaggerated. The weekends are always like this; I shot one of them in the car, put your coat, while he takes the other and walks away. Oh how I love the summer!

-When the grandparents super protect. Always fight with my mom when I’m giving a lecture on girls, or put any of them grounded and my mother is sorry and get in your lap: come here with Grandma… And ready, all our authority will by water below.

-Destroy all the dolls. OK, I know, they are small, they want to play. But can’t be left a doll with clothes here at home? Barbie then …, I don’t know why they want the Barbie butterfly, the ballerina, vanish all the same accessories. Here are all naked and with his hair painted, cut, glue…

-Leave any working equipment on my desk. Leave a pen or pencil to my notes is more than impossible. They take absolutely everything that I leave on the table. It’s just in my house or on too it is impossible to find a pen at the time you need to note something?

-Have to fight a war to dry the hair. Both Bruna as the Manu always hated dryer. They scream, cry, run away. There is patience! Manu as has virtually no hair is too fast. But the one with the giant Bruna hair, are minutes with her screaming, thrashing, running … Not to mention that I always have to untangle her hair and you can imagine the stress.

-Smell something about a food. This happens mostly with Bruna which are increasingly selective. She schism with something and doesn’t eat at all. But this I say with things she likes. For example, yesterday we made Chicken Parmesan into cubes rather than shredded. She mused, you said you wouldn’t eat because it wasn’t chicken. She loves Strawberry and suddenly obsessed with some seeds and said I wouldn’t eat. And so she has done with all the food soon not eat anything else.

-Don’t want to put the clothes that I choose. Bruna entered the stage that says pants and tennis is for boy and girl that only wears dress and shoe. And it’s no use to put something in her that she rips up your room and exchange the clothes she wants to wear. Is a stress every day in time to dress her up. Except the uniform that she has no choice. And Manu who is not stupid or anything, mimics the Bruna and started to wear pants, too. Detail to Bruna also decided with white clothes and does not use at all. #eumereço

-Escape in time to greet other people. We try to educate our children so they can live in society and almost kill us with shame in time to greet someone you don’t know. Here just get in a strange environment for some known our reach and say; Hi Bruna, Hi Manu, come give a peck on the Aunt. Ready, the two run off, saw the man, don’t greet one another at all.

This was my list today. As I’m thinking of more things that drive me crazy I’ll post here!

And you moms, what more you irritate or nuts in the maternity ward?