Vodafone Will Also Allow Voice over IP at The Rate of 500 MB to Navigate from Smartphone and Launches a Mini 8 Euros Fee

Vodafone continues trying to give differential value to their data rates to navigate from smartphone which had already endowed with free SMS and navigation while roaming in Europe, allowing from now on, the use of voice services over the internet without any restriction rates ranging from 500 MB to maximum speed.

After doing the same with the rates to navigate from tablet and computer by lowering the limit that allows you to make use of voice over IP with programs like Skype or Viber, the improvement was wide to the rates to which they browse from your smartphone with the rate flat smartphone 19.90 and rates to speak and surf arrobaM and arrobaL.

“In addition, to homogenize the added value of the data of Vodafone, now rates the”Rates for talk and browse Blackberry”they will have exactly the same conditions of navigation in roaming, free SMS, VoIP and tethering the ‘rates for talk and browse’ for the rest of the smartphones except the”@XS BlackBerry tariff”that will be limited to 10 MB for email and BlackBerry Messenger services and the excess will be 2 euros/MB.

New rate 8 Vodafone smartphone

Vodafone also launched smartphone 8 flat rate that includes unlimited navigation for 8 euros/month at maximum speed during 100 MB and the rest to 128 Kbps but with the option to extend the maximum speed with the bond extra.

A rate that improves the 64 Kbps or the additional cost of most rates below the 10 euros per month, but it is worth sacrificing MB to maximum speed or added costs involving quotas that do not count to the minimum consumption?