Vodafone Tea Leaves Removed from Your ADSL Home 3 Days Per Month

Vodafone has announced certain adjustments in its offerings of Mobile ADSL. The main will be that, beginning this month, customers of Vodafone ADSL they will bring their USB modem walking away from home three days a month.

The offer is valid and permanent for all current customers ADSL operator (which you will receive an SMS alert and can use it from 1 August) and those who hire service between 1 July and 30 August. If you want to use USB modem plus days, Vodafone will charge two euros per additional day up to a limit of 1GB monthly, from which low speed to 128 kbps.

In addition, Vodafone Internet always keeps you like Movistar, 50% discount with you unlimited Internet with ADSL customers.

Vodafone ADSL package includes the Wireless N Router with a USB modem (which is which can be extracted out of House) and Vodafone Internet TV, a service of connected television which now has with access to Youtube and a new remote control.

The summer is a good time to hire ADSL. Vodafone is in launch promotion by 11.2 or 14.9 euros per month (VAT not included) until April 2012, for your choice of 6 or 20 MB respectively. After that date, the rate goes up to the 19.90 or 24.90 per month. Customers who also have a voice rate, however, retain the discounts forever.