Vodafone Launches Mobile WiFi: Another Alternative to Share The Mobile Internet Connection and Much More

After the launch of 3 G routers, Novatel MiFi and bases WiFi to share the mobile internet connection, now Vodafone It goes one step further with the new mobile Wi-Fi R201 It also adds the DLNA compatibility.

Its operation and appearance is very similar to the MiFi enabling you to share the 3 G connection with up to five devices via WiFi and has connectivity HSPA (up to 7.2Mbps down and up to 5.7Mbps of ascent) with the advantage of providing greater coverage to be able to place it in a different place from where will navigate (near a window, for example). In addition the device includes status display that indicates the name of the operator to which it is connected, type of connection (3 G or GPRS), signal strength, number of users connected to the network and battery level.

But this new router will also cease to share other types of files such as music, photos and videos stored on your microSD card, which can be accessed from different devices such as televisions, computers or consoles that have DLNA Certification.

The price is of 9 euros with a stay of 18 months in any of the available rates or for 99 euros without permanence and will begin to arrive in stores from this week.