Vodafone Italy Reveals The Galaxy Nexus Catalogue by Mistake

From Italy we get the first confirmations that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is close reach stores the majority of European markets, and is that during a short period of time he has been seen on the website of Vodafone Italy to the new Google phone.

It seems that they have posted it by mistake, and is that if we follow the link to the product right now, we can see that they kindly indicate that the product is no longer available. The truth is that momentary filtration We can draw several confirmations.

The price published is €599 with free shipping to all Italy, and does not need to remember that in the transalpine country all terminals have to be sold free by law, although to date all the Nexus have been sold-free by order of Google.

In addition, confirmed all the technical characteristics He has been announced, that the European version will have full connectivity but it will not come ready to run on LTE networks. In addition, confirmed the 16 GB of internal memory.

We do not know when will be available eventually terminal in our country, and it is that Vodafone Spain has not released garment for the time being. Even so, we already know that Google has solved via software problems with volume, so this will not be a reason to delay the launch, that it could, and should, be already very close.