Vodafone Extends Its Coverage of LTE in Barcelona to Cover an Area with More Than 80,000 Inhabitants

Fourth-generation coverage or LTE Opens step so that gradually more and more internet users in mobility can begin to benefit from the advantages of being connected to a much more efficient network as the 3G as already got to try first-hand in Madrid but it has also begun to expand into cities such as Malaga, Santander, Valencia and Barcelona.

Efficiency which for the time being is being aimed at areas with high traffic demand by what the vast majority will continue without being able to prove new technology and it seems that remains to get much out of the current 3 G with its continuous updates that will make the transition to LTE is more bearable and staggered.

Yesterday Vodafone He announced the tests already being conducted in 30 companies in the Barcelona district of Les Corts and that expected to provide 4 G coverage to more than 80,000 people they are between Les Corts, plaza Espanya and Fira of Barcelona thanks to the installation of 20 stations with LTE.

The winners will be all users of Vodafone within that area directly if they have an LTE-compatible device, but also indirectly to the alleviate 3G of large volumes of traffic networks.