Vodafone Also Launched Extra Bonds to Continue Surfing The Mobile Internet without Loss of Speed

First it was Yoigo, Orange then and now Vodafone Launches bonds of extra optional data to continue browsing without reductions in speed in case of having eaten the traffic included in your rate of mobile internet for your phone or computer.

From now on, Vodafone mobile internet users will continue sailing without additional cost exceeded the traffic included in your data rate to change reduce the speed as up to now to 128 Kbps (64 Kbps rate @XS) but in addition will receive an informative SMS to give the possibility of hiring the new extra data bonds for sailing at full speed.

  • For users who surfing on your mobile with fares arroba rates smartphone of 15 euros or higher, you may hire Additional 100 MB for 5 euros marking on your mobile * 452 # and call key. This same code will also serve to consult free of charge data consumption.
  • For users who browse from tablet or computer with the Internet rates with you Express 2 GB for 32 euros and 5GB for 39 euros with you unlimited Internet, hire 500 MB additional for 10 euros by sending an SMS with the text “ 500 high ” to the 228800. These customers may also consult your data consumption by sending an SMS to the same number with the text “ query & #8221;.

Without a doubt, alternatives that will be very practical in some cases although it is striking that Vodafone is offering the worst conditions in such bonds if we compare them with Orange and Telstra. Now it would also be interesting that the OMVs (usually do not reduce speed but if you charge the excess traffic) to imitate these proposals allowing your customers to reduce speed to different speed ranges Depending on the additional cost that are willing to pay.