Vodafone 555 Blue, a Terminal Prepaid for Facebook

Made by Facebook and Facebook, thus it is Vodafone 555 Blue, last terminal that has incorporated the Red operator to its catalog, a risky, especially taking into account the number of smartphones range medium and high that are able to connect to Facebook.

According to your hardware, Vodafone 555 Blue is a low-medium range terminal. Features of 200 Mhz processor, 40MB of internal memory expandable using MicroSD cards up to 16 GB, 2 megapixel camera & LCD’s 2.4 inch. His character of terminal prepaid and your integration with Facebook (has dedicated button to upload content) seem to refer to younger audiences.

The terminal is not Android and Vodafone has not detailed on what software works, Although all indications are that you it’s a proprietary development. In the software section, the 555 Blue includes, in addition to Facebook, the Opera Mini browser, a Pop3-compatible email client, and other instant messaging client that supports customers GoogleTalk, iChat, Facebook Chat, XMPP, ICQ, Gadu-Gadu and AIM.

Apart from FM Radio, the music player is that, musical. It does not support video, but audio only in the usual formats (AAC +, MP3, WMA and Midi). The screen resolution is of 320 × 240 pixels, and the load is via MicroUSB cable. In regard to autonomy, the 555 Blue incorporates a battery 1. 000mAh which lasts, on paper, 324 hours standby and 175 minutes in conversation. Its dimensions are 110 × 61.1 × 12 mm.

It should be noted that, although it has a browser, the Vodafone 555 Blue It is not 3 G. Your connection only gets to 2.5 g (Edge) so the experience of connection will not be as fast as the 3G smartphones. However, you can be an option for young people with little budget and much fondness for the network’s Zuckerberg.