Victor Enrich, Opens the Pract & Co by Enrich on the Moral

Perfectionist and athletic, musical and great lover of his work, so Victor Enrich, a young chef from Madrid that after passing “through the hoop” paterno’s career of Economics, Hung jacket and tie as a financial analyst at Deloitte and KPMG, launching into the world of what he most liked, the kitchen, and it has managed to gain a foothold among the demanding Madrid public. Victor Enrich has always had the unconditional support of his wife, María Vega de Seoane, in his gastronomic adventure.

First work he asked a friend with restaurant, passed by the Illumbe barbecue, where he learned to give the exact point of cooking the meat and after learning some French went to Paris with his wife to study at the prestigious Cordon Bleu. Installed at Le Marais, was devoted to learn Haute French cuisine and pastry.

His Parisian year took him to meet the larger culinary temples which is home to the French capital. And traveled through France by oenology courses. In an interview, after opening Enrich, his first restaurant, commented: I love French cuisine, although I try not to abuse creams and butters. You must remove the crisp flavors of the cuisine of France.

In 2005, Victor opens your custom restaurant: Enrich, where commitment to haute cuisine’s traditional base, with a nod to modernity. Unconditional follower of the great Santi Santamaria, in Haute cuisine. Creates hundreds of dishes a year but posts a day. In the summer of 2009, open, stuck to the restaurant, the Atelier d´Enrich, a more informal atmosphere, although unique, and cooking. At affordable prices. With soft background jazz music, suggested by

And with its catering working perfectly, now dares with The Pract & co by Enrich, a brasserie in the placita de La Moraleja. Specialized in market cuisine, Oysters (France and Ireland, Gillardeau, Tia Maraa), smoked fish, frog legs, snails, foie gras, meat and fish grilled, rice and noodle dishes.

I don’t know how you can see it, but my I talk about slow fires, well done cuts and the raw material of the highest quality and immediately makes me want to move me to try it… would someone points to prove The Pract & co by Enrich?