Verizon Publishes The Price with The Samsung Contract Galaxy Nexus

A few days after its official launch and it still seems that there is no clarity on how the next Google phone will be called. It seemed already almost certain it would be called Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and everyone was so assumed, until is has filtado a catalog of the Best Buy chain where they label it as Nexus Prime.

On the other hand and leaving names aside, it seems that the operator Verizon has also embraced the leaks, and stopped to see a Price table where is shown the new Nexus beside other new handsets like the HTC Rezoung (HTC Vigor).

As we can see in the table, the new Google Phone would be in the $299 with contract of two years, and availability from the next November 10. This would mean a sale very few weeks of their submission, rather than insurance that love that anxiously await its release.

Although this price is for the United States and do not allow to make for a European price traditions, seeing the price range it is possible Imagine a PVP free about 600 to 650 euros. We’ll see what grants and fees with operators in Europe, offer it and if it finally is Vodafone back who stays in our market.