Vega Carcer, Lorenzo Castillo, a-Cero, Speed & Bacon

For a while now they have proliferated in Spain the showrooms. But what is the difference between a showroom and a shop or boutique to use?.

A showroom is a showroom in which designers displayed their new collections in order to make them known to their clients, the treatment is different, since stores serves a charge or dependent who does not know more than the end of the product, whereas in the showroom, the designer himself You can orient yourself, etc..

The showrooms can be spaces of permanent or temporary exhibition, You can locate on the headquarters of the own designers or in spaces chosen for that purpose. There are showrooms where several complementary designers come together, and where you can go equipped for the season the family.

We have taken a turn by showrooms more pointers from Madrid, from fashion accessories, lingerie, clothes from home or decor. Do you want to know what?


Lorenzo Castillo

The antiquarian and interior designer Lorenzo Castillo brings his showroom of the Admiral Street where it integrates with elegance and harmony antiquities from different periods and styles. Among his works, highlights some Loewe shops, chain hotels Room Mate, or the Hotel Santo Mauro where it shows us the perfect complements to make our homes get label personal and different, with special devotion for the furniture of American designers of the early 20th century and French with the patina of time as main attraction.

A-cero In

The space group of a-cero presents a series of pieces of furniture developed by the Studio, with a distinctly sculptural architectural that defines all of the projects and works of architecture. Are marked as objective that we all have a bit of a-cero without the need for a global project.


Speed & Bacon

300 m2 of high ceilings, a well-kept garden with a Parisian-style terrace in the D.Ramón of the cross, are the prelude to what you will discover in this showroom. Soaps, t-shirts, jackets of conductor, Knight custom-made shoes, Cufflinks, hats and headdresses or more colorful fabrics evening dresses are part of a universe in which everything has a place.

Cristina Pina, Fernando clear, The Countess, Sandra Feltes, Micababou, Hops, Yono Taola, Yiyi Gutz, and many more

84 Eighty FOUR Showroom

Eighty FOUR Showroom, located in Zurbano, 84, as its name indicates, it is a true New York style, where you can find clothes and accessories of the designers of Buy with love jewels y Mon Petit Bandeau. Different accessories of exotic locations and the latest news from Paris, London, Milan and New York, as well as different usual collaborating firms of both brands.

A different and very charming space.

Vega Carcer

Bags, wallets and accessories Valvanuz and Mónica Abascal are a must in the current Spanish fashion. Its “rejuvenated” alligator bags have flooded the national scene with their impossible colors. Purple, Emerald, red, azulones… a full range of shopping bag, clutch, or type Briefcase, different models and colours for a modern bag of excellent quality.


A-typical Living

Newly installed at its new location on the place de Paris, in the calle General Castaños, in A – typical Living offers you a lifestyle.

The art of decorating every day. Original ideas for receive in house, an excellent bed linen, the quality and exclusivity as a flag. This showroom includes all kinds of luxury products, practical and original to the House and the firm female accessories The coast of cotton, that I personally love and it gives the impression that, instead of robes and Nightgowns, are sophisticated dresses for going on the street.

The bad thing is that it is all so beautiful and original that you just always buying, even if you are only going to look at!

Luby Lab

Space Luby Lab It has a very serene charm, much as designers who are there. Located in the street Montesquinza and illustrious neighbors as the designer Miguel Palacio, Luby Lab you can find, apart from the designs of Laura Ponte, pieces of jewelry from brands like Madstone, fashion, hand-Alvarno or Baruk heart, and a constant coming and going of prestigious international fashion, accessories, jewellery and decoration.

Do we go in? showrooms?