United States No Prevents The Prohibition of Some Phones from Samsung by Patent from Apple

The patent war today gives us another news, and this time speaks of defeat ne courts of Samsung by Apple. A few weeks ago it was learned from the final decision of a judge to estimate that the Korean company had violated a patent of the company of the Apple in some of its terminals and dictated the prohibition to sell certain devices from Samsung.

This is a situation that already occurred before, although he ended up with a different result. And that for this type of question is usually waiting for the President to speak about if is worth a block, and in the previous aso, in which Apple was who was facing this prohibition, Barck Obama decided to prevent such a decision.

Without, however, this time the President of the federal Government has decided that Samsung terminals finally not can be sold in the United States for infringing patents from Apple software. It is undeniable to think there was some sort of pro-American attitude, because already prevented an equal resolution, and now that Samsung, a South Korean, is who is on the ropes they have decided that the market will not suffer so much.

Fortunately, this decision It has nothing to do with the latest terminals they have been going on sale and refers to terminals with a time on their backs and already just seen in shops. It is true that it will not alter the market too, but there will be those who see a deal of favor towards Apple. Samsung is litigating to delay this ban, which has no date set.