Twitter Reactive Translation of Tweets with Bing

The Twitter is already playing automatically translate tweets for some time. The social network has partnered last year with Bing to make it happen, and for a while she even worked. But in August automatic translation did not happen, for reasons that neither company has revealed. This week they seem to have settled their differences and the translation back to Twitter, this time to stay.

According to Twitter, users will see the translated tweets if they choose this option in your account settings – though it appears to be on by default. Tweets displayed on the web will be translated into the language chosen by the user to view the site, but in the case of official applications of social network on Android and iOS, the language that matters is the system. To see the translation simply click the globe icon in the tweet.

Note that third-party apps for Twitter can also implement their own translation tools. This, however, is not the case of Tweetbot, which moved from Google to Bing Translator in the application in mid 2012. According to its creator, Paul Haddad, use the API Google Translator was becoming unaffordable for the company and so they decided by the exchange. Perhaps this is the reason for Twitter have made ​​a deal with Microsoft as well.