Tumblr Adopts Two-step Authentication

Another social network comes to the role of protecting the accounts of its users with authentication in two steps: Tumblr. The site today announced the adoption of this login method and, of course, recommends that everyone who has an account there opt for it.


The two – step authentication is not set by default: it is necessary that each person manually enable your account.

For this, just go to Settings -> Account and select the option. Then, enter your phone, wait sending the code and be quick to enter it within two minutes, before it becomes invalid.

With that done, each time you log into the social network you must enter a code sent by SMS to login.

For authentication in two steps in the app, you must create a new password on the web and enter it in place of your normal password in the application. This is done on the same page that enables more secure authentication. Also you can do through special apps for this, as the Google Authenticator.

Can you disable the function after enable it, but the Tumblr recommends leaving the dual authentication always enabled. After all, safety is never too much, right?