Trouble with EU: Facebook Threatens with Fewer Features

A manager at Facebook dishes today sharp criticism against the EU and its way to regulate the laws on which creates big problems.

Facebook’s head of public policy, Richard Allan, langer in today’s Edition of the newspaper, Financial Times, like after the EU, which makes it difficult for Facebook and others to conduct business across the Member States of the European Union.

He believes in his speech that the EU with its redundant regulations creates major disagreements and problems between companies and the EU.

The many different laws and regulations across member countries creates fragmented and inconsistent requirements that Facebook will try to comply.

Richard Allan comes with a practical example, where the EUROPEAN UNION has launched an investigation into the social media both in the Netherlands and Germany, which thus overlap each other.The EUROPEAN UNION therefore wasting resources to implement technical and demanding studies once again, in spite of the fact that such has already taken place in Ireland.
Instead, he believes that a common European company like Facebook should be regulated under a set of coherent rules rather than “should abide by the 28 independently changing national variants” of these.

The current method is a “barrage of newly-established enterprises before they even get started, he says.In Facebook’s case, the consequences can be, that you have to deploy new features to the social media more slowly or, in the worst case, completely failing to do so.

The EU’s many different adjustments leads simply spending more and more difficulty with it, he says.

EU fixes the problem – in 2020

The EU would also even to come to grips with the problem as documented here, but it will not be just for the time being.
First in 2020 is a digital program scheduled to be published that will rectify these criticisms, as Facebook mentions, with a common and consistent policy in this area.