Trinket Bracelet: Have You Rid Yours?

We have a tip from the world of semi-jewels and we bet you will fall in love: the  bracelet of trinkets . This storytelling accessory is more than just a trend! Nobody can stand out.

These gorgeous bracelets are stylish, customizable and have come to be among women’s greatest darlings, for a lifetime! It consists of a simple bracelet, which can be assembled gradually, according to your preference. Grace is just at liberty to exercise your creativity and style!

Little by little, she is growing and winning her face! Each added buckle can symbolize something super special that has happened in your life, be it the good news, a trip, the birth of a child or the achievement of a dream.

Choose Model

Here are three quick tips so you do not go wrong in choosing the model of your wristband bracelet. Check it!

1. Maintain Simplicity

In that case, less is more. When we choose the bracelet, we should give preference to the smooth and simple models, because it will only be the support for your beautiful pendants! Let the attention go to the trinkets.

2. Set The Color

Here, there is no rule. Think of your preference by noting which accessory color you use the most. Thus, you can combine the bracelet of trinkets with several looks!

3. Ensure Quality

This accessory should accompany you for many years throughout life, so it is worth investing in quality so that it lasts long enough! Models of gold plated semijoints are interesting options for those who do not want to spend a lot.

Set A Theme For The Trinket Bracelet

There are a plethora of beautiful pendant models to symbolize your trajectory, but beware: when we are buying or earning money, we run the risk of the bracelet becoming a mess difficult to understand!

So the tip is: choose a theme for each bracelet. You can have several, telling different stories. For example, you can have a bracelet on travel, another on the life of each child, another on your professional achievements and another on your love with your husband.

Thus, it is easier to maintain a beautiful look for your wristbands bracelet, even with a wide variety of pendants . But do not be afraid to choose pieces with different colors, shines and designs. Just keep your balance: break the seriousness of simple metal trinkets with other more glamorous ones, to give a fun touch without losing the elegance of the accessory.

Remember the tabs

There are other little things that are also important to keep your bracelet organized. Even when trinkets have a common theme, it can be difficult to visualize them, as they end up mingling and becoming a mess. To solve this and make your bracelet even more beautiful, we have the tabs!

They can be smooth, carved, with stones or colored. The choice should come from your style and what suits the pendants you already have!

See how easy and fun it is to put on a bracelet? We bet that yours will look beautiful and full of meaning!

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