Today Is The Inauguration Of Forever21 Perisur And This Is His Clothes Plus Size

An extra large size section, with more clothes and more fun clothes … here an advance of what you will see from today

After spending the fortnight at the opening of Forever21CENTRO , the shop they opened at the corner of Madero and Ghent (because believe me, it is impossible not to come out with something), when I received the invitation to attend the pre opening in the Perisur branch , I was very calm because I thought I could not spend more.

I mean, in the end I had bought it in the biggest Forever 21 in Latin America (the one in the Mexico City Center), so what else could I find?

[If you did not have the opportunity to read the opening entry of this store in Ghent and Madero, I will share it again ‘ Forever21 arrives in the center of Mexico City and brings his collection of Extra Sizes !]

Now, I want to tell you something, Father, the invitation to Perisur was ANOTHER ROLLO. I have noticed that those of Forever21 are very aware of the presence in Mexico of the girls with curves and they are with the pilas puestísimas to become his favorite option when it comes to buying clothes.

So I tell them that this time they were part of an incredible experience: not only invited me to the opening, but together with other bloggers , they gave me a complete outfit to attend the event and even made us look gorgeous with a Makeup artist and a stylist to go with all the glamor. Very consensual, the truth. I, of course, was the happiest I have met other bloggers, but still more to be representing plus size girls . That was incredible.

The pre opening was very nice and I found myself in the middle of the mall to Denise, from the group Belanova , with whom I took the photo; In case they did not see it, I share it here:


As for my idea that I had seen it all, I was VERY WRONG . To my surprise, this plus size section is much larger than the Downtown section ! It has more clothes , and although it is the same brand, for some reason the clothes I liked more here . Now, they are going to infart, a saleswoman told me thatthey got new clothes every other day ! So every time you go, you will surely find new clothes.


As in the rest of their stores, Forever21 Perisur will find XL , 1X, 2X and 3X, but the interesting thing is that most of the clothes are stretch so it is very safe that they fit everything. Farewell to the fear of the testers and to the idea of ​​’I buy what I stay’, no more! Here they will buy what they like , as it should always be.


There is everything. They will be able to find halters from 39 pesos , bodys in extra sizes (that I did not see in Madero, for example) in $ 200, jumpsuits in $ 350, etc. Let’s be objective, it is a fact that plus size clothing is more expensive than normal, but within the XL clothing market, this is one of the cheaper options, I assure you.


It’s already opened !! In fact, it opened to all the public since yesterday, but the official inauguration is today with Belinda of invited of honor, who will cut the bar. Yesterday I did not see so many people, but I do not know how to put it today.


As I said, Forever21 wants to become his favorite store , so he invited Curves Felices to make an exclusive shooting . That is, it opened the doors to us when the store was closed so I could try on the clothes I wanted and shared them through the blog! This is the result, to see what they think:

And, well, I have only to thank them for being alert and for their messages through social networks.Thank you for ALL your love. There are many surprises coming later for all, for CLEAR I am including them, they will see; In the meantime keep communicating with me through comments or social networks:

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One kiss, see you next time.