Tips for the Maximus Festival: Transportation, Bracelet and Services

It’s already a tradition here. When you have fun in Brazil, our checklist comes to save your soul. If you were there just waiting for our tips for the Maximus Festival, next big festival (and premiere!) Around here, you can start organizing yourself. Our checklist below gives you information and super important tips regarding transportation, services and cashless wristbands, the latter a novelty of Maximus.

Bracelet and Services 1

How To Get To And From The Maximus Festival?

Maximus takes place at the Autodromo de Interlagos (Av. Sen. Teotônio Vilela, 261, Interlagos) and one of the best ways to get there is by using the train and the subway. If you’ve already been to Lollapalooza, you’re already familiar with the scheme. If not, pay attention:

You need to take the 9-Esmeralda line from the CPTM trains and stay at the Autodromo station. If you do not have direct access to the 9-Esmeralda line, you will have to do integration at the Pinheiros station, on the yellow line of the subway according to

To Get

The gates will be open at 11am and the shows will start at 12:30. Define what time you would like to get in view of the travel time.

From the Pinheiros station to the Autodromo station are estimated a 24-minute journey (CPTM calculations). Then you will have to walk about 22 minutes from the station to the entrance of Interlagos (Google Maps calculations). Remember to add the travel time from your home / hotel to the Pinheiros station if you have to do integration there.

To Come Back

The production has announced the programming of all stages and the last show is scheduled to finish at 10.30.

The time limit for transfer at the train and subway stations is 0h. As it takes about 20 minutes to get out of Interlagos and arrive at the station, the time available to return using public transportation will be a bit tight (slightly better than the initial forecast of 11pm).

In total, 1h30 to get out of Interlagos, take the train, get off at Pinheiros and from there take your course, unless you consider leaving before the festival ends. Remember the time of travel to the Pinheiros station (see above), make more or less accounts.

Keep all of this in mind and schedule your return beforehand, using vans, cabs or Uber or the insane Bolt-Style race for the train.

Bracelet and Services 2

How To Activate And Charge The Maximus Festival Bracelet

As you may already know, Maximus will adopt the cashless wristband scheme. This means that you will wear only the bracelet both for access to the festival and for food and drink. A digital system allows this marvel of technology, but for everything to work properly, you need to activate your wristband. As?

Activate And Charge The Bracelet Before The Festival

This option is only possible if at the time of purchase you have chosen to receive the bracelet at home (valid for purchases until August 20) or to withdraw it at the authorized points (Morumbi Stadium from August 17 and Autodromo de Interlagos a From 1 September).

Enter this site , create an account and enter the data of your bracelet located on the back of the plastic coat: User ID (16 digits) and Security Code (16 digits). Activation will be done and you can now charge with a credit card.

Activate And Charge The Bracelet During The Festival

This option is for those who will remove the bracelet only at the box office on the day of the event or for those who wish to make new charges during Maximus.

Activation and loading on the day of the festival can be done at the cash points inside Interlagos with debit card, credit and cash.

Metals: Values, Conversions, And Balance

The currency used within the festival will be Metals. Therefore, when you load a sum in reais, it will be converted to the “exchange” of Maximus.

To check your balance, you can access the website where you created your account (before the festival) or position the bracelet in the readers available in Interlagos (during the festival)


If you have any Metal remaining after Maximus finishes, you will receive the money back according to the method used to load the bracelets.

Charges online with credit card made before the festival
The refund will be automatic. The return will be made to the credit card used in the purchase. A 2 Metals refund fee will apply.

Loads with cash and credit and debit cards during the festival
You will have to fill out a reimbursement form that will be available here  from 11:00 p.m. on 13/5/17 until 11:59 p.m. on 04/24/17. A 2 Metals refund fee will apply.

Bracelet and Services 3

What Can Lead To The Maximus Festival?

Do not hesitate to pack a bag or backpack for the festival. Check the list of objects allowed in Maximus and also the list of prohibited objects:

Allowed items

300ml plastic water bottles and plastic bottle for personal consumption

Processed foods, with original sealed packaging, such as snack foods and wafers

Fruits only cut


Warm Clothing





Forbidden Items

Roll paper, newspapers, magazines, banners and strips with mast

Foodstuffs and / or beverages for the purpose of marketing or which may pose a safety risk

Bottles, cans, containers, glass cups or any other type of packaging containing beverages or soft drinks of any kind that directly or indirectly can cause injury

Rigid packaging with lid

Chairs or benches

Firearms, guns, sharps or sharp objects, fireworks and glassware

Animals – except guide dogs identified and accompanied by persons with visual impairment

Flammable and/or corrosive substances

Professional cameras with interchangeable lens and camcorders

Motorcycle helmets or similar

Chains, belts and pendants

Any other object that could cause injury

What services will be available at the Maximus Festival?

There will be a limited amount of lockers (you can book lockers here for the 2017 edition . Locker rental costs $ 37.50) and lost and found sector. There will also be cell phone chargers for sale for $ 37.50. A recharge in the charger will cost $ 11, 25. In the list of extra-musical attractions, three sectors will offer various services and activities:

Gastown: food and drinks

Bartertown: shops, merchandising and bars

Sector 26: brand and art activations

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