Thick Knit Roll-Neck Sweater In Cold Weather And The SUV-Vatis With Roof Box

On Sunday, I was still thinking great about success … So the great success… so in life… Meanwhile, it is as it is. It’s the little things that count.

That make it life worth and let me get up again every day. Or sometimes make me want to stay in bed. Probably belongs to it.In any case, I have received a lot of news and commentaries on Sundays, and that makes me happy. THANK YOU… Because I paint you a heart in the snow-you are great! In addition, the winter-white splendor caused me to continue my story about SUVs in city traffic and of course to an outfit. At-14 degrees, it is not so easy to put on outer appearance. But a thick knit roll-neck sweater creates the tightrope walk.

It was so far, last weekend the Christmas holidays in Bavaria came to an end. Many families came back home. Two weeks of winter holiday in a sleepy village in the mountains… or in a not so sleepy village. No matter … Many returnees have one thing in common-the roof box.After all, the stuff has to be stuck out somewhere, and after statistically the Federal citizens have 1.4 children, I can probably guess that at least one of them takes place on the back seat of the car. The 0.4 child will surely sit somewhere. In any case, the conclusion for me is that some of the bulky winter sports equipment is probably stowed in the roof box.

Sports Utility Vehicle

Is also practical… so’n thing on the roof and for families, the statistics, and more than 1.4 children in the car must be almost a must. At least as long as skis and snowboards are not yet invented for folding. In addition, the snow has the mischievous habit to melt. And nen wet trunk has no one likes… not even those who have bought a car with a large trunk, so that you can accommodate such bulky device in it. I have always thought that this is one of the reasons for the purchase of a sports utility vehicle. In addition to the advantage of being able to cope with all kinds of traffic in the wild,

Always Ready ATV

And not only in the field-also in the asphalt jungle, the SUV is a gain for the driver-the driver. High above, he or she sits above the infantry, who also have a place on the road with smart, polo and golf.But also the SUV over the things stands also with the Kombi or the sedans. Very particularly far above it stands and drives, if still the box is on the roof. And since Saturday, the all-season vehicle has again enriched the Munich city traffic. Also the experience Monday morning before the school of our daughter was again wonderful. Since the daughter child had to take her instrument, we drove her to the educational center by car. This luxury was naturally also given to Chantall and Carl-Friedrich-and what a surprise. The already close cul-de-sac was made even more challenging by the snow piles.

SUV Parents And The Roof Box

But maybe I do the SUV parents wrong… and I’m always at the wrong time in the wrong place. Or I am the one that is always impossible to get in the way and the SUV drivers their skills more difficult. But I was innocent when on Saturday the rest of the vacationers still had to fill their refrigerators, and the SUV driver, the driver decided a few cars in front of me, to drive into the underground car park. The off-road vehicles are really high without a roof box. And with them they are probably not suitable for most car parks. But you can try it anyway… This must have been the lady/the gentleman in the SUV (Suff ;-)) when entering the underground car park, when she/he half way down stuck… Perhaps was also synonymous Stated the problem. Or the box was simply forgotten. However no matter how-the stupid thing, neither a back nor a back seemed appropriate in the situation.

How To Get Out Of The Number Again ….

Staying was not an option with regard to the ever-longer queuing serpent… My luck, I was far enough away, and could still escape the situation with turning. That is why there is now no classic end of the story. I have no idea how to get out of so ner number rauskommt. I’m just glad my daughter’s school does not have an underground car park either… But you know I do not want to be too close to anyone.These, my findings, are by no means representative, and are based only on my modest observations. I would also like to point out that I was probably the very first to forget that she was strapping something on the roof. I’m already glad that my car has no more antenna…

Thick Knitted Roll-Neck Sweater

So I now come to the most important, the stylish outfit for minus degrees. For the past two weeks, I have been very successful in pushing all snow activities. But now I have to face the fact that the winter is not just in the mountains. I had just hoped. However, this is a reason, the knitted roll-neck sweater for really cold days finally again from the closet to fishing based on MUSTHAVESWEATER. The last two winters were mild and the thick sweaters rather unnecessary. For this the Wollpullis are very much in demand since this week… so with me… At minus 14 degrees I find thick knit just perfect. Uuuund I find my new brooch, which I have bought at the sale at Hallhuber, fits so great to this knit roll-neck sweater…

As it looks, it will probably be more often used, because for the weekend should be cold again and give new snow… Grpf … Have a nice week your dear… Your Conny

Sweaters: Rekenmaar-mine I’ve always been eternal and I’ve been looking for and found a cashmere rolli from Mrs. & Hugs (Affiliatelink) at the Breuninger and a great knit roll-out from Bik Bok  (Affiliatelink) at Zalando 
Jeans shirt: Object-a real jeans shirt from Only’s at About you (Affiliatelink). Perfect for under… and over… 
Pants: Only-the Skinnies of Only are always perfect and are not so expensive … at About you I’ve seen a nice Only-Skinny (Affiliatelink).A friend of mine, who carries a little bigger sizes, swears by the way to the skinny of Mango-Vioteta  (Affiliatelink Zalando) and the mega looks. 
Shoes: Frye-I think they are already 8 years in my shoe-box and I look forward to it every winter… 
Ring & Bracelet: SenceCoffee 

Bag: Speedy40 
Brooch: Hallhuber-there’s still gray and green 
Bomber: Zara-there’s still… Is in sale…