Thermopro Plaque Stainless Steel Thermal Bottle


The Thermopro Plaque Stainless Steel Thermal Bottle is produced with two layers of high quality stainless steel, one external is protected by lacquer and the other is insulated by vacuum, keeping the temperature of the drinks hot for 12 hours or frozen for 24 hours. It has removable head, suitable for direct use in coffee machine. Also, makes cleaning and maintenance easier. 

Thermopro Plaque Stainless Steel Thermal Bottle

Wide mouth with stainless steel interior with smooth surface, facilitating the flow of the liquid and the hygiene of the bottle. Modern pressure system for easy liquid withdrawal, reinforced handles and rotating base. It comes with a delicate identification plate for the identification of the drinks in the bottles. The thermal bottle is available in WaterBottlesShop with the capacity of 3 Liters.


Ref : TP6526 
Material: Stainless Steel+Polypropylene 
Capacity: 3 Liters 
Product Dimensions-Approximate Dimensions: Weight (Kg): 1,845 (LxWxH): 15x21x37 cm 
Brand: Thermopro 
Manufacturer: Marcamix-Gourmet Utilities

Thermopro Plaque Stainless Steel Thermal Bottle 1

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Tips for Using and Conserving Temperature: 

1-Remove the lid, wash the inside with warm water. 
2-Scale the thermos flask completely with boiling water, wait for a few minutes and discard this water. In the case of cold drinks, scald the thermos with cold water. 
3-Next, return the liquid to be kept warm or cold in the bottle, complete the container, leaving 2cm below the lid, so keep the temperature longer. 
-In the case of coffee, it is recommended that the filtration be directly on the thermos. 
-When making tea, it is recommended to pour hot water in the bottle and use only tea sachets. Do not use tea leaves. 


Thermopro Plaque Stainless Steel Thermal Bottle 2

1-The container should be washed every time it is used 
2-Wait the container to return to room temperature. 
3-Rinse with detergent and rinse with plenty of water. For best results, use baking soda with warm water. 
4-If any residue remains, repeat the process. 
Do not wash in a dishwasher. 
6-Do not use steel wool or aggressive products as this may damage the product. 
7-To dry, use a soft dry cloth, leave the product uncovered when not in use. 


Thermopro Plaque Stainless Steel Thermal Bottle 3

1-This product is designed for hot or cold beverages. Do not use for other purposes. 
2-Do not shake the thermos. 
3-Always keep in an upright position. 
4-Transport the thermal bottle only by the arm or the handle. 
5-Avoid falls and impacts, with the damage can occur air leakage, causing insufficiency in its functions. 
6-Do not put the thermos flask in a gas, microwave or electric oven, freezer and dishwasher. 
7-Do not use heaters and do not expose to fire. 
8-Do not use the bottle for carbonated water. 
9-After using the bottle for dairy drinks, soups or other organic products wash it with boiling water for total removal of possible residues. 
10-Keep the thermos flask out of the reach of children.