The Surprising Turn 10 Capacitive Buttons on The HTC, Leaked Pictures

We are still witnessing to the constant parade of leaks that 10 HTC is leaving on their way to the presentation, set on April 19. There are few secrets to be known that it will be the flagship of HTC for the same, and is that in addition to the images we met yesterday today come two new images on Terminal. And with surprise.

It doesn’t surprise us that the design of this 10 HTC will be so similar to the HTC One M9 as it seems to be. Boys of HTC Touch not just design line which launched the HTC One M7 in 2013, and that it will be the fourth generation of the device, will not include very aggressive changes. But the absence of the front strip now adds another novelty, an unexpected return.

Of return to the capacitive buttons

Been much HTC 10 on all fronts. From your choice of the internal equipment to its exterior design, which we knew any filtration approximate to your images press. Even discussed on her, despite the redundancy, contentious absence in the MWC in Barcelona. What is now the return of the capacitive buttons.

Because Yes, the black band logo who both criticised, disappears and appears a front fingerprint reader that you may like more or less, but that will be available in HTC 10. The strange thing is that the capacitive buttons reappear, when they had been discarded in One M8, two generations ago.

It remains to be seen if this return of the capacitive buttons to 10 HTC design responds to any request of the users of the brand or the need of distinguish some of the latest releases of the competition. Though Samsung, for example, has never renounced them in front of their Galaxy S.

Less than a month for the presentation of the 10 HTC and continue knowing more and more details about the flagship. But, really, it is already very little to know.