The Summary of the Second Day in Madrid Fashion Week

Parades of Ifema from the 65th Edition of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week they have started with Juan Vidal, and a projection of a Bimba Bosé video before the start of the parade of designer from Alicante. This season 43 designers will be uploaded to the catwalk. Juan Duyos celebrates two decades in the fashion world and is running this season Custo Barcelona (that has just presented his collection in the New York fashion week), Menchen Tomas y Marcos Luengo.

Juan Vidal

Juan Vidal It has opened the Ifema parades with a collection inspired by the 1920s and Paris. Vidal has decided to return to its origins with elegant and feminine, proposals under the name Marie Qui Fume. Garments of silk and crouche, designs patchwork, with details of feathers and fringe. Vidal has relied on Angel Benito for the preparation of pieces of fur.

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Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Is the funniest, most colorful and most original parade. It could not be other than Agatha Ruiz de la Prada charge turn designs into sweet creations. An exhibition inspired by a great birthday party with donuts, muffins, cakes and cupcakes, chocolate included, as protagonists. Designs with a touch eighties thanks to the sequins and metallic fabrics, with the red and the roso as color star.

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María Escoté

The designer María Escoté It has shown us l’oiseau, a hymn to freedom, color and shapes. A collection inspired by the French painter Auguste Herbin, based on long in color blocks, patchwork coats and oversize designs dresses.

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Maya Hansen

Talk about Maya Hansen is to speak of corsets, their iconic garment. But in this parade the Madrid based designer committed to a new piece: the body, becoming the protagonist of a sample very sexy. Mini-vestidos, monkeys and transparent shirts round out a collection of clothes cut to black and white laser. Only suitable for the sexiest models. By the way, Pilar Rubio was on the catwalk.

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Angel Schelesser

Was not invited but Schlesser was in the parade. Two lawsuits and a complaint have faced the designer with the firm, which sold a 75% to Oscar Areces. The Cantabrian controls 25% and has a contract of obligatory which ends in 2020. A pity that what happened has left in the background to the new collection.

Simple garments, of classic cuts with volume on the sleeves of shirts and jackets, and elephant-leg trousers. Featured colors are the mustard, Navy Blue and grey. Special mention very feminine and stylish bags,, to match the tones of the designs.

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Devota & Lomba

Classic and elegant style. The sample of Devota & Lomba He has been flawless thanks to a perfect tailoring with masculine fabrics, the House brand from its origins. Spectacular wide pants and coats. After two years of collaboration, we return again to see the fusion of the creativity and innovation of the designer with the tailoring of the Spanish firm of luxury quality The Extreme Collection that has again participated in the parade with a limited edition capsule collection. Proposals that are already on sale after the parade.

A blazer jewel that will be produced in three colours, inspired by military uniforms of 19th century Spanish gala, held in woven cotton twill, embroidered in gold exclusive thread for The Extreme Collection by Devota & Lomba, and details of the neck and sleeves in satin.

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Francis Motesinos

Tribute to Asturia, Adam and Eve and Bimba Bosé. The parade of Montesinos He has had several acts. All has begun with a live Piper that gave way to a loaded line of floral prints and simple point and wool but brightly colored clothing. Later, a staging of ‘dancers’ of flamenco have a step long dresses of velvet and fine printed chiffon, with any proposed curvy from

The parade has been closed with a black wedding gown with black veil. Under it Lucia Bose, sister of Bimba Bosé, Qu marched with a few red roses and looked to the sky, throwing a kiss. Thus so emotive, the designer did not want to forget about his friend.

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Ion Fiz

The Basque Designer, who celebrates fifteen years in the fashion world, has shown a very large parade formed by 15 proposals for day, 15 of evening and night 15. Eccentric, which is the name of the collection is inspired by the designer Fortuny, Zuloaga and photographer Man Ray. All kinds of items on 15 types of fabrics, hats and headdresses striking, collaboration with Biliana Borissova.

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