The Signatures You Should Know of The Danish Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2012

If previously agreed with London now our direct rival is the city of the Little Mermaid; before we called Cibeles and now, through sponsorship, We are known as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid: went out winning, by both parties. Copenhagen is one appointment of lower profile, but also we are and seek the greatest possible attention: our Danish colleagues deserve the same.

The most acclaimed by professionals during the recent Copenhagen fashion week have been firms Gaia, Henrik Vibskov and Soulland. Do you want to know a bit more in what directions point fashion coming from the cold?

Henrik Vibskov


In all industries, especially those relating to the mass media, we like to create at least a local figure that controversial or sympathetic Add popularity and become standard both within the country’s borders as outside. Something like our Davidelfin Is Henrik Vibskov, almost a superstar in Denmark.

Her latest collection is inspired in the musical instruments and psychedelic prints, has touches of color and technological fabrics that place us in a warm Futurism. All models used hat with string print as a complement on the catwalk.

Asger Juel Larsen


Pasado-futuro communication came from the hand of Asger Juel Larsen, exclusively focused on masculine design. Its collection gathers romantic and historical ideas such as the Russia zarina to locate them in a modern setting of rather aggressive aesthetics, sometimes ninja and others very glam.

The incorporation of furs strikes us as very appealing in a country like Denmark, and some cuts and colors are interesting. Transfer of the proposal from the catwalk to the street is easier than it looks by staging.



More classics are responsible for Velour, a young brand born in 2005. Sobriety in form and substance for those who are not willing to go beyond the wool jersey Pant suit. It contains certain air American school and exaltation of the containment, the Puritan and healthy life (which then ends in tragedy).



Finally, Soulland It is a great benchmark Danish in men’s fashion, a House very well positioned in the market. Its hallmark is based on the respect to the traditional Scandinavian design, You may like more or less, but it’s always based on quality.


Fair dose of originality, cold and warm fabrics, some print with color and urban containment as Danish as the own Tivoli.