The Mysterious World Of Pajamas: Why Does Not Your Mother Have To Buy It?

Buying a pajamas as a boy is not easy. In the last years have appeared multitude of stores dedicated to the feminine underwear but, what happens with you? It happens that most resort to the large surfaces for the father’s pajamas of all the life of God. That if they resort, that more than one and more than two prefer to sleep in command plan.

Although that is very good when one sleeps at home, sometimes it is night time out, and even if we sleep alone in the room, it is better not to risk it. Do you suppose they shoutfire! During the night on the first visit to the in-laws’ house? The show would be funny. So in the end you end up resorting to the pajamas that the grandmother gave you for Reyes on Christmas 1999, that of the little green trees with snowflakes.Here is one of the endemic ills of the male population that I intend to fight to death from this little rostrum they have offered me: why men should buy their own underwear.

Oh, yes, deep down you do. And if it is not, it should. What will she (or he) face when you take the red flannel pajamas out ofyour suitcase? It will be as warm as you want, but it would take with it all the romanticism and would break the atmosphere. Believe it or not, La Chica will finish building an idea about you through your underwear and, even if the poor can still love you, you have gone from being the interesting, handsome and funny guy to the typical funny clumsy. “Ains, what a monkey.”

Worse still have those who choose to compose their own pajamas with old t-shirts or propaganda. Here I give you a couple of tips on what you should never put with you in bed:

If it is not worth to go out, it is not worth anything. Maybe, just maybe, if it’s a very cool t-shirt we can make an exception for your sentimental value, but only if you go to sleep alone. So either frame your Rolling T-shirt or put it on rags. It is the cycle of life. Do not resist.

Advertising? Yes, for a fee. So if Bar Paco is not going to fund you the reeds, leave that shirt where it should be. Yes, you guessed it: on the rag pile. Exceptions are allowed when it comes to legendary campaigns or the shirt is exceptionally beautiful. That is, very few exceptions.

Holes, no thanks. If you do not know how to sew, the garbage. The fashion of the holes in the pants is for the cowboys, and it is not that it is already the last cry.

I have practically left you with no options, but do not worry, because soon I will prepare an article with which, thank God, yes that you can bed with you. And without remorse.