The Motorola RAZR Will Take No Locked Bootloader (If The Allow The Operators)

Once again we have to talk of bootloaders, and again we do tell that another manufacturer has embraced the fashion of free boot managers your devices.

This time it was Motorola, which has shown its intention of approaching the requests of its users, and has confirmed that the new Motorola RAZR will enable, serial, installing custom ROMs without the need for any dangerous process.

All of this is extracted from a statement from the Vice President of enterprise mobile devices from Motorola, Christy Wyatt, that AusDroid said would be its first product that would have fully unlocked inner series software Motorola RAZR. Despite this, they have left the Open the door to the operators to choose, and it is that they will have the last word if you want to block citing security problems.

In the case of the terminal that will be sold with Verizon in the United States, the phone It will not bring the new Motorola bootloader, but one blocked. Even so, the official stance of the American manufacturer is that your terminal will not come locked from factory.

To give more credibility to the new official position of the company, and while this issue is not fully clear, have created a web, where you intend to hang a repository with unlocked versions series.