The Gold Bath and Its Importance to the Veneer Jewelry

April 29, 2017Curiosities of semi-jewels

You may have come across the term “gold bath” at some point in your life. Very common for both buyers and sellers of veneer jewelry , this term is used to differentiate and specify the quality of the pieces.

In the case of stand-alone resellers , understanding this classification helps to recognize the highest quality products available on the market, as well as pass on security to customers.

To help you understand everything that is necessary about gold bath, we prepare a content with the main doubts. Check it out!

What Is Gold Bath?

The gold bath, or electroplating as it is technically called, consists of covering a metal piece with thin layers of gold. This method serves to increase the durability and decoration of the article, and is widely used in veneer jewelry.

The gold bath is a form of veneer jewelry that looks like genuine jewelry . After all, the surface of both products are the same, what changes is the interior of each piece.

While the jewelry is made 100% 18k gold and therefore does not need an “extra bath”, the base metal of the veneer jewelry is the brass.

This “brute” brass product receives some intermediate layers of metals such as copper, bronze, nickel or palladium .

After the intermediate bath, the piece is placed in a solution containing the gold, already dissolved. With the application of electric current the gold is deposited on the surface of the same, becoming similar to the legitimate jewels.

What Are Thousandths Of Gold Bath?

It is the amount of gold that was used in the process of galvanizing the part. This factor is directly related to the final quality of the article.

Basically, the greater the amount of thousandths of gold used in the piece bath, the longer the product will last. To get an idea, see the relationship between the quantity of thousandths and the duration of the product:

1 to 2 mils: bath with low durability;

3 to 4 thousandths: bath with good durability;

5 to 7 thousandths: bath with excellent durability;

8 to 10 thousandths: bath with excellent durability.

There is also the gold type “flash” bath, which refers to the application of less than 1 thousandth gold in the piece. Generally this type of bath is used in the manufacture of costume jewelry.

Do All Parts Need The Same Amount Of Gold?

Not necessarily. In the case of earrings, for example, they can receive a smaller amount of gold without losing quality. This is because they suffer less friction with the skin and the external environment.

At Linda Linda  the rings, bracelets and necklaces are bathed with 10 thousandths of gold. The earrings, due to the low friction, are made with 5 thousandths. This ensures a quality product and with a more competitive price.

Now that you know the importance of gold bath, ask your supplier about the items he markets. That way, you will buy your veneer jewelry more safely and securely.

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