The Free Will Be The New Rates Prepaid Vodafone with Free Consumption Only Refill

Tomorrow, September 7, Vodafone availability of all customers will be their new rates for prepaid card including free only for recharging consumer in what he called & #8220;Free“, a mixture that relates free with the name of an animal that reminds us to the Zoo assembled in Orange.

Any of the free rates, include a single price per minute at 20 cents and 15 cents of establishment that will be compatible with saving modules as “ you and I ” and will include free benefits for 30 days every time you recharge €10 leaving recharge intact for any type of consumption not included among the “ free ”. There are three benefits available to choose:

  • Rate Internet and SMS free: includes 60 SMS and 60 MB to navigate. Exceeded the limits shall apply 15 cents/SMS and price of connection to the internet by default unless you hire rate of 50 cents per day.
  • Rate calls Gatuitas: includes 60 free minutes per month (with free establishment) to talk to destinations Vodafone fixed 24 hours a day.
  • Rate international calls Gatuitas: includes 30 free minutes per month (with free establishment) for calls to mobile and fixed destinations of any country 24 hours a day.

Users who wish to continue with a reduced throughout the day, rate will remain the XS8 fare with calls and messages by 8 cents (except if not recharge €10, which rate amounts to 15 cents). In addition the rates “ to my air “ will still be available but increasingly with less benefits if you do not take them out of their benefits.

These new prepaid rates are available through cards Available individual SIM from 1 euro, SIM cards for 9 euros with 9 euros balance including free calls to Vodafone the first month, and associated mobile packs offer card prepaid Vodafone.

If you want to communicate without the required monthly commitment demanded contract users, you can activate the new rates Gatuitas free dialing from mobile * 734 # and call button.

Mobile phones prepaid Vodafone, now also sold in supermarkets

Vodafone also wants to expand its current network of 8,000 points of sale get the new prepaid packs to supermarkets throughout Spain and a total of 20,000 retail outlets in the next 18 months.

Between the packs of Mobile + SIM card, there will be options from 19 euros as the Nokia 1880 and include the new Vodafone 555 Blue facebook button for 55 euros, Vodafone Smart with Android for 69 euros, the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X 8 for 99 euros or the Blackberry 8520 for 129 euros without permanence.