The First Tests with The Battery Improvements in Android M Are Positive: Doze Is Effective

Google promised improvements in battery with Android M. something already done with Lollipop and Project Volta but not finished making. Now he wants to get it and so it has decided to focus on an aspect that often goes unnoticed, but that in the long run, without a good optimization, just undermining battery: When is your device in repose.

Now that Android M is already a few days available, they have begun to emerge the first comparative between Lollipop and the future version of Android. Ojo, you have to take it with tweezers but data, on the same device, encourage us to be optimistic about reducing consumption.

Optimistic results but with reservations

ComputerBase team has made a precise approach to the calculation of management of battery in both versions. To do this, they have caught two Nexus 5, one with Android M and another with Lollipop 5.1.1. Both with the same settings: GPS accurately, WiFi enabled, LED and off tones, Bluetooth, NFC and Android off Beam and three IMAP accounts and Gmail sync. Away from the same distance from the router begins testing.

The test is leave handset in rest for 48 hours and see how will progress as time passes. The results that this test are as follows:

As we can see, as they spend hours battery consumption at rest is of nearly a quarter of battery in Lollipop in 48 hours and just 9% with Android M. projecting these data we leave 200 hours standby in 5.0 and 533 in the new Android. Promising, but must take into account many things.

First, the tests were performed in a controlled environment with the same model of phone and a software version that is not final. The final results could change a lot in a few months and You can not affect in the same way all mobile phones. It should not be forgotten that we are talking about Android without more and not relevant customizations of the manufacturers.

Second: this It does not mean that it will increase the time on screen, at least not directly. It is good news that leave the mobile at rest does not consume much battery, in Lollipop there are times where it is impossible to not frown to see how declined in a 2 or 4% awhile without having done absolutely nothing.

Indirectly it increases on screen time if we consider that devoting fewer resources to be at rest we invest in it. Doze comes to improve the use on standby and with the Nexus 5 and this test shows it but will have to see in every day if that translates into improved user.